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Lubricates, protects and restores your embroidery thread back to life! 

If you've got old thread or threads that have dried out and need a bit of lubrication, Silicone Spray is the perfect fix. With a light coating of this spray around your thread spool, it will be good as new and ready to stitch. 

Lubricating your thread is important and will prevent thread breakages and give you an overall better stitching result. 

Instructions on how to use silicone spray:

  1. Shake well before use.
  2. Locate a 'spray booth' such as a cardboard box. Alternatively, if you don't have a spray box or a ventilated room to do this process in, use the spray outside. 
  3. Hold or place your thread spool inside the spray booth. 
  4. Spraying about 20cm from the surface of your thread, coat your spool lightly with the silicone, covering all angles.
  5. Leave your thread to sit and dry (preferably overnight). Please note: the colour of your thread will appear darker as it is wet from the spray. It will return to it's normal colour once it is dry.



Barcode: 747311001622

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