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World-class Ink, Crafted by Experts

Never compromise on quality! So, when it comes to sublimation ink, Sawgrass doesn’t settle for “good enough.” These inks are as vibrant and extraordinary as your own vision and creativity!

Made with the finest dye powder and thoroughly tested for quality, Sawgrass SubliJet UHD Inks will allow you to achieve the best print quality. They are perfect for all hard and soft polyester substrates, and also achieve fantastic results on vinyl.

For use with the Sawgrass SG500 and SG1000.

Sawgrass SubliJet UHD Ink Projects

Brand Sawgrass
Products available
SGIHCBLK Sawgrass Ink - Black High Capacity 70mL - Suits SG1000
SGISTDBLK Sawgrass Ink - Black Standard 31mL - Suits SG500/SG1000
SGIHCCYAN Sawgrass Ink - Cyan High Capacity 70mL - Suits SG1000
SGISTDCYAN Sawgrass Ink - Cyan Standard 31mL - Suits SG500/SG1000
SGIHCMAG Sawgrass Ink - Magenta High Capacity 70mL - Suits SG1000
SGISTDMAG Sawgrass Ink - Magenta Standard 31mL - Suits SG500/SG1000
SGIHCYEL Sawgrass Ink - Yellow High Capacity 70mL - Suits SG1000
SGISTDYEL Sawgrass Ink - Yellow Standard 31mL - Suits SG500/SG1000

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