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The Non-Stick Adjustable Zipper/Cording Foot for Industrial High Shank Machines is a versatile and innovative three-in-one presser foot designed for single-needle industrial lockstitch sewing machines. This presser foot can function as a zipper foot, cording foot, or standard foot, making it an essential addition to your sewing toolkit.

This presser foot allows you to adjust the needle position by simply moving the screw left or right, offering three different configurations:

  • Left single-side presser foot (needle on the left)
  • Regular presser foot (needle in the middle)
  • Right single-side presser foot (needle on the right)

Crafted from high-quality, non-stick materials, it ensures smooth and even feeding, preventing fabric from sticking and providing precise, professional-looking results every time. This feature is particularly beneficial when working with sticky or delicate fabrics.

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