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The Micro Screwdriver is a compact and versatile tool designed for precision and convenience. Measuring just 6cm in length and 0.5cm in diameter, this mini precision screwdriver fits easily on your keyring, ensuring you always have it on hand. Made from high-quality metal, its robust construction guarantees durability and reliable performance for all your precision needs.

Perfect for adjusting bobbin tension, this screwdriver is an essential tool for sewing machine maintenance, helping to ensure smooth and precise stitching. The convenient keyring attachment makes it easy to carry with you wherever you go, combining precision, versatility, and portability in one compact design. Upgrade your toolkit with the Micro Screwdriver and always be prepared for small jobs and adjustments on the go.

The Micro Screwdriver features a reversible head, allowing you to switch between a flat screwdriver and a high-quality screwdriver head, providing versatility for various tasks. Additionally, it is equipped with a dual hexagonal head, perfect for unscrewing nuts. This makes it an ideal tool for everyday use and emergencies, adding valuable functionality to your toolkit.

Barcode: 7427270363773

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