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A neodymium, or rare earth, magnetic hook is a type of magnet with a hook attached to it. It can be used to hang or suspend items from metal surfaces, such as refrigerators, cabinets, lockers, doors, walls, or for us sewing, embroidery and craft lovers, somewhere in your craft room!

A neodymium magnetic hook is made of a strong and durable neodymium magnet that is embedded in a steel pot with a nickel coating. The steel pot enhances the magnetic force and protects the magnet from damage.

This gadget has many advantages and applications such as:

  • Hanging embroidery frames or hoops on or next to your machine
  • Hang wires, ropes, or cables
  • Organise, decorate, or store things in your home or office (hats, coats, etc)
  • Use for outdoor purposes such as camping, grilling, or gardening

The strength of this magnetic hook can hold a heavy amount of weight, making it very versatile. Although it's extremely strong, it's not permanent which means it can be repositioned whenever required!

Products available
MAGHOOK-SNE32 Large Magnet Hook
MAGHOOK-SNE25 Medium Magnet Hook

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