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Use HeatnBond Iron-On Vinyl to protect and create laminated fabrics for projects like placements, chair seat covers, tote bags, aprons and much more. This product is a clear, flexible, water-resistant coating that is ironed onto the top of your fabric.

HeatnBond Iron-On is heat-activated so it's extremely easy to apply and provides a permanent gloss finish. It can be used on fabric or paper and is sewable with a regular or non-stitck foot.

How to use:

  1. Wash your material without fabric softeners before applying HeatnBond Iron-On. Pretest the product on fabric before starting your project. 
  2. Preheat your iron to medium heat with no steam.
  3. Peel the protective paper off the vinyl. Place the vinyl sticky side down on the top of your fabric. Place the protective paper just removed on top of the vinyl.
  4. Press with your iron and hold over the protective paper for 8 seconds. Continue until the entire surface is laminated. WARNING: Do not touch the vinyl directly with iron.
  5. Flip your fabric over and press and hold the iron on the back for an additional 4 seconds. Repeat until the entire surface has been heated. 
  6. Allow to cool before sewing or using in your project. 


  • Always use the protective paper when ironing. DO NOT touch the iron directly to the vinyl on either side of the project. 
  • Pre-wash all materials without fabric softener before applying the vinyl. Pretest on fabric before starting your projects.
  • The vinyl can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. If washing is required, use a gentle cycle and line dry. If any peeling or wrinkling occurs, place parchment paper on top of the vinyl and re-iron. 

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