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A fantastic affordable, 15-needle machine for anyone pursuing an embroidery business opportunity

Elevate your expertise with advanced 15-needle free-arm embroidery offered by the Compact Halo-1501 commercial embroidery machine. This cutting-edge technology enables you to embroider a diverse range of items often associated with the commercial embroidery industry. If you're a hobby embroiderer looking to broaden your horizons, this multi-needle machine is a great option to enhance your skills and explore new avenues.

With remarkable capabilities such as up to a 1200spm stitching speed and a 7-inch colour touch screen, this affordable machine boasts an exceptional range of features that make embroidery a hassle-free and enjoyable activity. Indeed, it's an excellent choice for anyone looking for a machine with commercial capabilities in a compact design.

Halo-1501 Compact


Free-arm, tubular embroidery machine

The most versatile embroidery machine design is the tubular or free-arm style, which enables you to effortlessly hoop and embroider a vast array of items without the hassle of unpicking seams. This design offers a plethora of possibilities, including an optional professional cap frame system, that can expand your embroidery capabilities.

Halo-1501 Compact Free Arm Tubular Machine

Halo-1501 Compact Automatic 15 needles

Automatic 15 needles

With 15 needle automation, there's no need to constantly monitor your machine while switching thread colours. The intelligent control panel takes charge of selecting and shifting the needle head to the subsequent color, and initiates stitching without any manual intervention. For those who prefer complete control, there are three modes to choose from: fully automatic, semi-automatic, and manual.


Large 300mm x 350mm embroidery area

Large designs are currently in high demand and the expansive embroidery area on this machine provides ample space to create remarkable statements on a variety of items including jacket backs, wall hangings, table mats, home decor, and quilt blocks.

Halo-1501 Large embroidery area

Halo-1501 solid mobile steel stand

Solid mobile steel stand with wheels included

Featuring heavy duty lockable castors and adjustable stabilising feet, this high quality mobile stand offers great mobility and vibration free operation. This mobile stand is included with your Halo machine.

Independent bobbin winder included

Wind bobbins independently using a fast commercial style bobbin winding unit. It features an adjustable auto-stop function to prevent overwinding.

Halo-1501 Independent Bobbin Winder

Halo-1501 Compact Wide Table Support

Wide Table Support Platform included

The included support platform is a huge benefit when embroidering heavy items like bathrobes and large towels, or when using the included 350mm x 300mm sash frame. It helps prevent the possibility of the item popping out of the hoop while stitching, and helps ensure perfect embroidery results.

LED laser light positioning system

The built-in LED laser pointer shows the position of the needle drop point. This fantastic feature makes for easy design placement and tracing, so your stitching process is a breeze.

Halo-1510 LED Laser Light

Halo-1501 Automatic Thread Break Detection

Automatic thread break detection

Occasionally, thread breaks can occur during stitching. However, with the Halo 1501 Compact, you can trust that it will effectively and promptly detect any thread breaks and notify you, allowing you to smoothly rethread and continue with your stitching.

Adjustable Take Up Check Spring

Easily adjust the thread take-up check spring level to ensure a well-balanced stitch which can vary depending on the type of thread, design, or combination of fabrics.

Halo-1501 Compact Adjustable Take Up Spring

Halo-1501 Automatic Thread Trimming & Jump Stitch

Automatic Thread Trimming & Jump Stitch Detection

Thread trimming is a must-have on any embroidery machine but combined with jump stitch detection which will tie off and trim those unwanted jump stitches, you’ll have virtually no unsightly threads to unpick or remove when the design is completed.

Fast 1200 stitches per minute

If you're a professional, you'll appreciate the lightning-fast performance of this machine. Boasting an industrial-grade servo motor, it can achieve an impressive 1200 stitches per minute. Plus, its heavy-duty step motors are designed to drive the embroidery frame with pinpoint precision, ensuring accuracy no matter what you're working on.

Halo-1501 Compact Fast 1200 stitches per minute

Halo-1501 Compact Colour Touch Screen

7” Colour Touch Screen with user friendly controls

Easy to use is the best way to describe the 7” LCD colour touch screen with high-brightness and simple navigating. Easily control your design settings and do much more with user friendly controls.

USB connectivity

The machine features one USB port and a network port, making it easy to transfer patterns and designs.

Halo-1501 Compact USB Connectivity

Halo-1501 Compact Tool Kit

Maintenance Tool Kit included

Maintaining your embroidery machine is important and the Halo is supplied with a quality tool kit to keep your machine up to scratch.

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Halo-1501 Compact Commercial Embroidery Machine

Halo-1501 Compact Commercial Embroidery Machine

What's in the box?

  • Solid mobile steel stand with wheels
  • Independent bobbin winder
  • Cap Driver Set (1 cap station set, 2 x cap frames)
  • 9cm frame (2)
  • 12cm frame (2)
  • 15cm frame (2)
  • 19cm frame (2)
  • 30cm x 30cm frame (2)
  • 30cm x 35cm frame (1)
  • Maintenance tool kit

Optional accessories

  • Robot Frame Device
  • Sequins Device
  • Cording Device

Echidna Warranty

This machine includes a 5 year Echidna warranty.

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Halo-1501 Compact Commercial Embroidery Machine

Basic Features

Machine weight 95kg
Machine size 60cm x 70cm x 158cm
Stand size 60cm x 71cm x 76cm
Needle number 15
Max Embroidery area 350mm x 300mm
Touch screen display 7inch
Screen resolution 7inch (1024 x 600)
Maximum speed 1200 rpm
Stitch range 0.1mm - 12.7mm
Automatic colour changing 3000 times
Lock encryption Yes
Multi-language support Yes
Brand Fortever

The Halo-1501 Compact Commercial Embroidery Machine is a high-quality 15-needle embroidery machine designed for both commercial and small business applications and is warranted under the following conditions. These conditions are in addition to other consumer rights and remedies as provided under Australian Consumer Law.

Halo-100 5 year warranty

Warranty conditions:

  • Warranty period is for 2,500* hours actual stitching time or 5 years from date of purchase, whichever comes first.
  • Regular machine servicing is required every 12 months or 500 hours, whichever comes first.
  • Machine servicing must be performed by an Echidna Sewing technician, a qualified embroidery machine technician or a person endorsed by Echidna Sewing to perform such servicing.
  • Suitable quality parts must be used when required.
  • The warranty is conditional upon the operator performing regular maintenance as recommended by Echidna Sewing.
  • Electronics will only be covered under the warranty terms provided the machine is connected to a reliable 240v power supply using a quality surge protection device approved by Echidna Sewing

Machine warranty does not include:

  • General supplies that need replacing because of normal wear and tear, including but not limited to needles, bobbins, bobbin cases, needle plates, thread trimming knives, springs, belts, etc
  • Hoops and other additional accessories
  • Consumable items such as needles, bobbins, thread
  • Normal wear and tear on all external covers
  • Damage caused by accident, misuse, neglect, improper operation or installation, natural disasters (lightning, earthquake, fire, flood)
  • Foreign matter in the machine (liquid, moisture, dirt, insect infestations)
  • Damage caused by incorrect servicing, maintenance, modification or tampering from non-approved technicians or individuals
  • Damage caused by the use of incorrect or poor-quality needles, stabilizers, threads, designs or other consumable items.
  • Damage caused by the use of non-appropriate electrical voltages
  • Warranty is void if the serial number or label has been removed

*All statistical data is recorded and easily accessible by the user. Includes actual run time and number of stitches.


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