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Generic Brand to suit SA128/F004 Concealed Zipper Foot suitable for all models – Allows you to install concealed (invisible) zippers easily.

  1. Press iron-on interfacing tape to the seam allowance where the zipper will be placed.
  2. Baste the seam closed and press.
  3. Baste the zipper along the seam allowance.
  4. Close the zipper and baste along the seam allowance on both sides of the zipper opening.
  5. Cut the basting stitches in the seam.
  6. Make the coil stand and sew, holding coil to reference lines in zipper on both sides of zipper.
  7. Turn and pull up tab.
  8. Fasten metal stop at lower edge of zipper.

Barcode: 785459688565

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