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The Adjustable Zipper & Piping foot, you can quickly and easily attach zippers and piping to your fabrics with precision and accuracy. The foot's position can be easily adjusted to precisely align with the edge of the zipper or piping, ensuring a neat and clean finish every time and is compatible with a wide range of Brother sewing machines, making it a versatile addition to your sewing kit.

Generic equivalent to Brother SA161/F036N Adjustable Zipper & Piping Foot.

How it works

  1. Screw on the presser foot and select a straight stitch (left).
  2. Position the presser foot over the long feed dogs on either left or right.
  3. Loosen the clamp screw at the back of the presser foot and slide the presser foot so that the needle fits on the opening on the presser foot.
  4. check the needle does not hit the presser foot, and then tighten the clamp screw with a screwdriver.
  5. Sew.

Please note: A low shank adapter is required to use this foot on high shank machines.

Barcode: 785459688671

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