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Navigate through the confusing world of stabilizers with the Embroiderer's Compass.

Developed by embroidery expert Deborah Jones, author of "Machine Embroidery on Difficult Materials," this innovative tool ensures you pair the right stabilizer, needle, and fabric combination before diving into your embroidery project.

Simply rotate the dial until it aligns with the fabric type you're using. The recommended stabilizer and needle types appear in designated windows, along with some expert advice from Deborah Jones tailored to each fabric.

Now you can embroider everything from velvet, fur, and fleece to silk, knits, and quilting cotton with confidence.

This handy two-sided tool is a convenient size to carry while shopping for embroidery supplies or even to take with you to embroidery retreats.

With 25 fabrics and techniques on the Embroiderer's Compass, you will never feel lost again!

Barcode: 814027017954

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