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This needle repair kit is a useful and convenient accessory to help you with your sewing and embroidery needs. Including 10 self-threading needles and 8 specialty needles, this set is a great addition to your stash when you have unexpected repairs to attend to. This kit offers needles for many applications.

What's Included

Curved Needles x 2
Curved needles are used for various purposes in sewing and other crafts. They are especially useful for sewing in tight or hard-to-reach spaces, such as corners, edges, or curves.

Carpet Needle
Carpet needles are used for sewing or repairing carpets, rugs, or other thick fabrics. They long and heavy, with a large eye and a blunt or curved tip. They can help you stitch through multiple layers of fabric or create decorative patterns on carpets. Carpet needles are also useful for other crafts, such as making baskets, mats, or wall hangings.

Sail Needle
Sail needles are used for sewing or repairing sails, canvas, and other thick fabrics. They are long and heavy, with a large eye and a blunt or curved tip. They can assist you in sewing through numerous layers of fabric or producing ornamental designs on sails.

Upholstery Needles x 2
Upholstery needles serve the purpose of stitching or mending sturdy textiles like leather, vinyl, or canvas. Typically, these needles are lengthy and robust, featuring a spacious eye and a rounded or curved point. They prove advantageous when sewing through numerous layers of fabric or fashioning ornamental designs on upholstery materials.

Packing Needle
The packing needle features a spearhead with a flattened, curved shape, aiding in the penetration of dense, tough, and taut fabric. These specialized needles are utilized for sewing coarse sacks, mats, or other robustly-woven materials.

Glove Needle
Glove needles, also known as leather needles, were utilized in the past by glovers, who had expertise in crafting handmade gloves. Today, these needles continue to be utilized, particularly in various leather-related tasks such as shoemaking, shoe repairs, belt production, and creating leather garments.

Self-threading Needles x 10
Self-threading needles are designed with a slot eye that allows the thread to be easily pulled through. These needles are especially beneficial for individuals who struggle with threading regular needles.

Barcode: 7427270363452

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