Are you tired of chasing your embroidery hoop around the table while trying to hoop your fabric? Maybe you have trouble hooping straight, or you find tubular items impossible to hoop?

No matter what hooping problem you struggle with, the Echidna Hooping Station will help to eliminate your frustration. Its durable non-slip silicone surface and 12 movable magnets will hold any hoop firmly in place so you can hoop your materials perfectly, the very first time.

Made with injection moulded plastic, the new hooping stations are strong and rigid, forming a stable surface for your hooping process. With a tear-resistant, non-slip silicon hooping surface it offers fantastic wear, particularly if you are moving, sliding or flipping the station regularly to use both of its sides.

Dual-sided and available in 2 sizes, it will hoop nearly anything you can embroider. 

This innovative embroidery tool has been developed in Australia by Echidna.

  • New and improved hooping surface
  • Place the hoop exactly where you want it
  • Use it with any brand of hoop
  • Dual-sided and available in 2 sizes

Small size hooping station

Large side  Length: 43.5cm  Width: 20cm
Small side  Length: 43.5cm   Width: 10cm

Small Echidna Hooping Station

The dual-sided small hooping station is perfectly sized to hoop small articles like baby clothes, the Embroider Buddy range. Both sides are perfect for small embroidery blanks that are a challenge to hoop.

Large size hooping station

Large side  Length: 45cm  Width: 42.5cm
Small side  Length: 45cm   Width: 33cm 

Large Echidna Hooping Station

The dual-sided large hooping station is perfect for hooping bigger garments, towels and projects or when you're using a larger hoop. Its smaller side is ideal for hooping smaller projects and smaller hoops.

Hooping station kit

Includes both the small and large hooping station for when you're hooping projects of various sizes. A perfect essential to have in your craft room for any embroidery enthusiast.


SKU E-HOOP-Various
Brand Echidna
Shipping Weight 5.7000kg
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E-HOOPKIT Echidna Embroidery Hooping Station Kit
E-HOOP Large Echidna Hooping Station
E-HOOPSM Small Echidna Hooping Station