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Echidna Hooping Station - Various Sizes

Magnetic hooping aid for machine embroidery.

Are you tired of chasing your embroidery hoop around the table while trying to hoop your fabric? You might have trouble with inconsistent placement, or maybe your stabilizer keeps moving? Is your fabric often not hooped tight enough?

Successful embroidery relies heavily on correct hooping of the item. Often people avoid embroidery as they find hooping a rather daunting task, or that it can be frustrating.

No matter what hooping problem you struggle with, the Echidna Hooping Station will be your favourite helping hand. The brilliant hooping tool will eliminate your frustration and help you achieve productive and accurate hooping. Its durable non-slip silicone surface and 12 movable magnets will hold any frame firmly in place so you can hoop your materials perfectly the very first time and achieve smooth, wrinkle free results. It was developed right here at Echidna in Australia and is a must-have item for all embroiderers!

“A must have tool for easy hooping”

Ergonomic Design
Easy To Assemble
Australian Developed
5 Year Warranty

So you might be thinking, what is the Echidna Hooping Station and how does it work?
The Hooping Station is an ergonomically designed stand that holds embroidery hoops in place while positioning garments and other difficult items.

Small Echidna Hooping Station

(Infant Platen + Sleeve/Leg Platen)

Large side
Height: 40cm + neckline
Width: 20cm

Small side
Height: 43.5cm
Width: 10cm

Ideal for:

Large Echidna Hooping Station

(Adult Platen + Youth Platen )

Large side
Height: 45cm + neckline
Width: 42.5cm

Small side
Height: 45cm + neckline
Width: 33cm

Ideal for:
  • Garments
  • Towels
  • Jackets
  • Blankets

Hooping Station Features

Ergonomically Angled

The Hooping Station was ergonomically designed for efficiency, productivity and comfort for the user.

The platen is angled to be looking at you, bringing the garment closer to you for easier and more accurate alignment. It assists in avoiding strain on your arms, wrists or back and is great for those with arthritis or carpal tunnel.

Magnetic Surface

The entire surface of the platen is magnetic so you can place the hoop anywhere and use the 12 powerful magnets included to hold your hoop, fabric or stabilizer in place.

This surface also pairs brilliantly with magnetic hoops, as they magnetize to the surface and hold securely in position without the need to use the small magnets.

Non-Slip Surface

With a tear-resistant, non-slip silicon hooping surface it offers fantastic durability, particularly if you are moving, sliding or flipping the station regularly to use both of its sides. The hoop and fabric will stay in place even without using the magnets, as the silicon surface offers fantastic grip. Plus, no matter which side platen you’re using, the hooping station will grip to the table underneath.

The surface is also smooth with curved edges so your fabric doesn’t catch or snag so you can experience trouble free hooping.


Both the small and large hooping station is dual-sided with different sized platens on each side, making it a 2 in 1 product. Simply flip it over to use the side suitable for your project. It's so easy to switch between the two sizes, so you can go between small and larger projects quickly and efficiently!

Choose one size to suit your needs or you can purchase the entire set at a discounted price and achieve easy hooping for all of your projects.

Improve Efficiency

Great option for bulk repeated, identical hoopings and achieving productivity and efficiency. After you've figured out your first hooping, you'll know how to successfully hoop that item, so you can easily complete multiples of the same project.

You can also check out our placement guide for more assistance on aligning your embroidery precisely.
View placement guide →

Stable Compact Build

Made with injection moulded plastic, the new hooping stations are strong and rigid, forming a stable surface for your hooping process. Whilst being sturdy and secure, it is still lightweight and portable so you can move it around as needed. They don't take up too much room in your craft space, and both hooping stations interweave with each other so you can store them together easily in a compact space.

Easy Assembly

These products are flat packed for simple postage/delivery and are easy to assemble, needing only a Phillips-head screwdriver. Watch videos →

Easy to clean

You can clean the silicone mat surface with a damp, soapy cloth.

Australian developed + 5 year Warranty

This innovative embroidery tool has been developed in Australia by Echidna.
It includes a 5 year manufacturers warranty, excluding general wear and tear.

Versatile tool that works with most hoops on the market

The Echidna Hooping Station is unlike any other hooping station and holds features that are practical and reliable. Not only are they magnetic and can work with almost all machine brand or off market hoops, but no additional appliances or attachments are required. Many other hooping stations are peg board based which are slippery and only work with certain hoops.

Keep away from children.

This product contains rare earth magnets and if swallowed or ingested, can cause serious injury or even death.

SKU E-HOOP-Various
Brand Echidna
Shipping Weight 5.7000kg
Products available
E-HOOPKIT Echidna Hooping Station Bundle
E-HOOP Large Echidna Hooping Station
E-HOOPSM Small Echidna Hooping Station

Hooping Station bundle

By: Vivienne on 16 July 2024
Great offer and so very helpful when trying to hoop clothing

Hooping station

By: Margaret on 11 March 2024
Very happy with my 2 hooping stations.

Hooping station

By: Margaret on 11 March 2024
Very happy with my 2 hooping stations.

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