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Show off your love for sewing, embroidery and craft with these adorable collectible pins! Made from glossy, hard enamel with a gold plating, they each feature a cute illustration of some of the most popular crafting tools.

These pins are perfect to add some flair and personality to your outfit or accessories, whether it's your clothing, backpack, handbag, lanyard, or hat. They are secured onto your belongings with a two metal clutch backing.

Packaged with backer cards that set the scene, they make the perfect gift for yourself or a friend who has a passion for craft! Collect these super cute pins and express your unique style today.

Measuring Tape
What's not cute about a mini measuring tape? An item most sewists and dressmakers will have in their kit, if not multiple, this collectible pin is great for anyone who loves to sew or conveniently always finds a measuring tape nearby.

Pin Cushion
A pin cushion keeps your pins and needles secure, and is essentially a must-have for most sewing and embroidery enthusiasts. If you're someone who loves buying pin cushions for your craft room, this collectible pin is perfect for you!

Scissors and Thread
You won't find a craft room without a pair of scissors, or five, and if you're a sewing, embroidery, or quilting enthusiast, you'll most certainly have thread. This scissors and thread collectible pin is perfect for all crafters with the cutest illustration of these two essential items!

Mat and Blade
One for all crafters! Whether it's paper crafting, sewing, or quilting, this super cute mat and blade collectible pin is a fantastic novelty. It's especially fitting if you're an avid patchwork or applique creative.

For many crafters, their sewing, quilting, or embroidery machine is their most prized possession! This collectible pin features a charming illustration of a machine and is the perfect way to express your passion for craft!

Brand Echidna
Products available
E-EPB5 Machine Echidna Collectible Pin
E-EPB4 Mat and Blade Echidna Collectible Pin
E-EPB1 Measuring Tape Echidna Collectible Pin
E-EPB2 Pin Cushion Echidna Collectible Pin
E-EPB3 Scissors and Thread Echidna Collectible Pin
E-EPBSET Set of 5 Echidna Collectible Pins

Collectable pins

By: Rosalind on 25 September 2023
Love them so real

5 Echidna Collectible pins

By: Patricia on 22 September 2023
What a great idea, love them! I have friends overseas and they are sewers and quilters and looking forward to sending them over to them.

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