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Measure thread tension with ease using the Towa Digital Tension Gauge

The digital tension gauge is the perfect way to measure bobbin tension on both commercial and domestic style embroidery machines, and needle tension on commercial machines. Also ideal for Long arm quilting machines with the Optional M Style Bobbin Case Adapter 

With a precise LED read out feature and an easy to use process, it's a must have for any embroiderer. It provides increased accuracy and consistent tension in a compact, battery operated design. With interchangeable inserts it allows you to use all types of bobbin cases.

This handy gadget will be your lifesaver when setting and measuring your bobbin tension, and will help give you a better embroidery result overall. 

What's included with the Towa Tension Gauge?

  • L style push-in adapter
  • Adapter for Brother/Janome
  • Adapter for Husqvarna/Pfaff

Towa Adapter

Gary's Tip

Having the correct bobbin tension is probably the most important requirement to achieve a wellbalanced stitch. Machines of almost every brand allow the user to adjust the tension with a screw in the bobbin case. Different brands of bobbin thread can result in different tensions so it’s important to check and adjust as necessary. This tension gauge makes it easy to measure your bobbin tension and set it to the ideal range of 25 - 40 grams.



Remember when adjusting your bobbin tension screw to only ever turn 1/4 turn at a time. Turn the screw right (clockwise) to tighten or increase the tension and left (anti-clockwise) to loosen the tension.

Remember to turn right to tighten and turn left to loosen.

Measure the tension after adjusting and if necessary repeat the process until between 25 & 40 grams of tension is achieved. Use these stitched letter “F” images as a guide for what would be an acceptable result.

Very good to have - makes adjusting bobbin tension

By: Rachael on 1 June 2023
Instructions that come with the gauge very handy and aimed at the domestic embroiderer. I had put off buying a digital tension gauge as I normally just do testing and adjustments. This is so much easier to use than the manual one.

Towa Digital Tension Gauge

By: Russell on 6 December 2022
I was in the market for a tension gauge and come across the youtube video demo from Echidna Sewing. I noticed that Echidna had engineered a supplemental gadget to test domestic machines as well as L & M style bobbins. These were not offered by any US dealers. I purchased hoping that shipment from Australia would not be a problem or get lost. The package arrived as expected and device works great, including the two Echidna engineered gadgets for brother/pfaff machines. Proved valuable already. My tension on my brother & pfaff machines both needed to be corrected. Thanks, great product.

Towa Bobbin Tension Gauge

By: Michelle on 20 September 2022
Easy to use. There is an instructional video to show you how to use it. Makes tensioning the machine so easy. Very happy with this purchase!

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