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Do you want to embroider items that are difficult to hoop, such as shoes, gloves, pockets, or backpacks? The Brother Straight Clamp Frame S for PR & PRS Machines is exactly what you need! This clamp frame is designed to hold and stabilize various types of items that cannot be hooped in a traditional frame. It is ideal for embroidering on the tongue of a shoe or hard-to-manipulate areas of items. The frame has a generous embroidery area of 45mm x 24mm (1.8" x 0.9") and is easy to attach and release. Create stunning embroidery on items that were previously impossible to hoop with this fabulous clamp frame.

This frame is suitable for PR & PRS machines. You will also need to use the arm (D) for PR models or the arm (d) for PRS models to position the clamp frame correctly.

  • Embroidery Area: 45mm x 24mm (1.8" x 0.9")
  • Includes: Straight Clamp Frame only

Barcode: 4977766736213

Compatible with:
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