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Aussie Totems by Little Butten

Aussie Totems Collection

Little Butten has created this collection of nine emblematic Australian animals, spanning birds, marsupials, reptiles, crustaceans, fish, and other marine life. Each animal holds personal significance, representing different members of her family as well as her collaboration with Echidna sewing.

The Aussie Totem Design Collection includes 9 designs available in machine embroidery, sewing applique, and SVG file format, designed for cutting with vinyls.

Artwork by Little Butten.

Artist Statement

I love animals and love drawing animals, my people have been drawing animals for thousands and thousands of years. I feel connected to my people when drawing animals, I’ve drawn my family as the animals I think best represents them.


The goanna is me, it’s a nickname I was given when I was younger and its kind of stuck. I like goannas, I think they are a little misunderstood. I think that is something most of us can relate to.

Mud Crab

My Dad and mud crabs go hand in hand. He has always been mud crab crazy, and he has a general knack for catching them. I think that my Dad resembles mud crabs, in that they have a visible hard exterior, but they are soft on the inside. I also think that mud crabs are strong, hardworking and reliable, which is what my Dad is.


My Nan loves jellyfish and I see the resemblance of them in her. Jellyfish to me are gentle, wise, and beautiful. Just like my Nan.


My brother has always been nicknamed emu, I’m not sure if it’s because of how tall he is or for some other reason, but it fits. I find emus to be a little bit mysterious, which is how I view my brother. He keeps to himself, but like emus, he’s loyal and will always support and protect his family.


This one is a little bit funny, but my younger brother has been called ibis for as long as I can remember. This is because, like an ibis, he is resourceful. He’s the person you give your leftover chips to because you know he will eat them. But like an ibis, he’s never far away, he’s always there for me when I need him.


Whenever I visualise my Pop, images of fish come up. Particularly barramundi. I think it’s because there is something so classically Aussie about a barra, and my pop is about as Aussie as it gets. He’s hard-working, loyal and cheeky.


This cute little echidna represents my collaboration with Echidna Sewing. It’s a privilege that they decided to take me on this project with them. It’s not often that companies will work with local artists, and this collaboration has been so wonderful to be a part of!

Tasmanian Devil

My mum is a Tassy Devil. They are adorable and sweet looking, like my mum. But female Tassy Devils can be fiercely protective of their dens. That’s how I view my mum, a warrior, tough, strong, and reliable. My mum has led me through some dark times and without her strength, I wouldn’t have pulled through.


We have a saying in our house, whenever a sibling gets favoured (eg. gets the bigger piece of chocolate) they get called a possum. It’s used both as a term of endearment and gentle slander in our house. But when I think of my favourite, I think of my brother who has passed. He is our possum.