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The Brother Luminaire machines are extraordinary machines with unlimited possibilities. This XP playbook has been created for you so you can use your machine to its utmost abilities. This book is packed with step-by-step projects designed to help you learn the machine's features and guide you through all the ways in which you can use them. The book is accompanied by a USB flash drive containing short videos in conjunction with the lessons. This USB can be viewed either directly on your Luminaire or via your computer.

Learn at your own pace and enjoy getting to know your Luminaire with this playbook. We hope you'll be inspired while discovering the full potential of this incredible machine!

Please note: This playbook was released for use with the Brother Luminaire XP1, however, if you own any Luminaire successor model, you can still use this book for inspiration and projects.

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Brother Playbook

By: Patricia on 30 October 2021
This book has helped me learn about my new machine, it is very easy to use.

Brother Playbook

By: Patricia on 21 October 2021
Very good book and helpful for learing the Lumonaire machine, very fast delivery.

Brother Playbook for XP1

By: Carol on 2 March 2020
Absolutely wonderful book with How-To information on the XP1 and step-by-step instructions with videos on functions of the XP1. i found the book most helpful and it made the move to the XP1 so easy. It is also useful for referring back to when needed. The Playbook is an absolute mine of information and I would recommend it to anyone who has an XP1.

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