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The 5mm piping foot has a larger channel than the 3mm, running under the length of the foot which enables thicker piping to be overlocked into a seam perfectly. You can also make your own piping either with overlock stitch or using chain stitch with the needle in C2 or C3 position for 5mm cord only. You can also use the 5mm Piping Foot for inserting zippers. The 5mm Piping Foot is designed for 5mm cord.

Suitable for:

  • Gloria - BLETS8
  • Ovation - BLES8
  • Accolade - BLS8
  • Evolution - BLE8W-2
  • Evolve - BLE8-2
  • Evolve Wave - BLE8W
  • Coverstitch - BLCS-2
Compatible with:
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