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Sewing Machine Applique - How To

Machine applique is a fun and creative technique used to attach pieces of fabric to a larger piece of fabric to create a pattern or picture. It is a fantastic way to really get crafty and the results are gorgeous. Follow our simple instructions below to create your own machine applique.

If you'd like to find out more about the different types of applique, check out our 'What is Applique?' article →

  1. Print out the desired applique template sheet.
    Print out pattern
  2. Place fusible webbing paper side up over the applique design, and trace the outline onto the paper side. Using a Lightbox can be very handy for this process.
    Trace pattern onto fusible webbing paper
  3. Cut out the shape about 3mm from the line you have drawn.
    Cut out your shapes
  4. Adhere your fusible web to the wrong side of your fabric with an iron.
    Iron onto your fabric
  5. Cut around the shape on the outline as neatly as possible.
    Cut out your fabric on the outline
  6. Peel the fusible web paper off of your fabric. If the glue lifts up, just iron again until it comes away cleanly.
    Peel fusible web off
  7. With your iron, adhere your cut-outs (right side facing up) to the background fabric of your choice.
    Adhere your cut-outs
  8. Choose a colour thread that matches your fabric for a seamless look.
  9. Start up your sewing machine, and away you go! You’ll want to use a blanket stitch or satin stitch to stitch down your shapes. Remember, it’s always worth doing a test first to achieve your preferred stitch width and length.
    Adhere your cut-outs
  10. All done and you have a lovely applique creation!
    Adhere your cut-outs