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Introducing Brother Design Database Transfer

Date Posted:15 February 2022 

In 2021 Brother launched their free software app, Brother Design Database Transfer. This innovative program makes embroidery data management easy, giving you the ability to send embroidery data wirelessly to your compatible Brother machine and eliminating the use of a USB. In addition, you can also view thumbnail images of the file contents and organize them to your liking.

Download the Brother Design Database Transfer →

Brother Design Database Transfer

Sending embroidery designs via Wi-Fi to your machine

Transferring embroidery designs to your machine with the Brother Design Database Transfer app is simple. Once you have paired your machine to your computer via wireless network, your embroidery data can be transferred across with a straightforward operation in the app. This software eliminates the use of a USB and makes your overall design transfer process easy.

What machines are compatible?

The Brother Design Database Transfer app is compatible with Brother embroidery machines that feature Wireless LAN. These include:

  • M370
  • M380D
  • F540E
  • NV880E
  • NV2700
  • NQ3700D
  • XE1
  • XJ1
  • Luminaire XP1
  • Luminaire XP2
  • Luminaire XP3
  • PR680W
  • PR1055X

File formats that can be transferred are: .pes, .phc, .phx, .dst, .pen, .exp, .pcs, .hus, .vip, .shv, .jef, .sew, .csd, .xxx

What computer do I need to run this software?

Currently, the Brother Design Database Transfer app is only compatible with any laptop or PC using Windows operating systems. It does not support Mac operating systems, mobile devices or tablets at this time.

Browse, organize and search your embroidery files while viewing thumbnail images

You can easily browse, organize and manage your embroidery designs using the thumbnail images. Search and locate files using the search conditions like design size, file format or the total number of thread colours.


Embroidery Design Details

View all embroidery design details like file name, size, stitch count, sewing time, colour count and modification date in the Property dialog box.

Embroidery Design Details


Printable Design Catalog

Print images of all the embroidery designs in a selected folder, as a single design, design catalog or instruction guide.

Embroidery Design Details
Embroidery Design Catalogue


CSV Spreadsheet Export

Track your embroidery files and keep a record of what you have and where they are on your computer. You can export a CSV containing all the details of each embroidery file such as name, stitch counts, number of colours, file path and more.

Embroidery Design CSV

Whether you’re a small embroidery business owner or a hobbyist, Brother Design Database Transfer is sure to be a time saver when sending files to your machine. It’s an excellent tool to help keep your embroidery designs organized, so your project preparation is easy and enjoyable. If you’d like to learn more, simply visit Brother’s website or download the Brother Design Database Transfer app to start sending files wirelessly.