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Repurposing Fabric Scraps

Author: Ella Holmes  Date Posted:20 January 2023 

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As sewists and crafters, we’re very familiar with scraps! Some of them are too small or funky-shaped to be made use of in your regular projects like quilts, and it seems like such a waste, doesn’t it? Well, don’t despair! I've put together a list of ways you can make use of those leftovers.

But first, why should you use up those pesky scraps instead of throwing them away?

  • You'll make more unique, one-of-a-kind items
  • You'll save money
  • You'll reduce your contribution to textile waste, which helps our planet!

Let's get sewing!


Little Scrunchies

This project is great for kiddies needing their hair tied up for school.

Fabric Tape

If you’ve got long, thin scraps, attach some double-sided tape to the wrong side of the fabric and you have some nice tape that you can use for wrapping presents.


You can use scraps as stuffing for things like fabric stress balls, or even ottomans! The fabric will make them weighty and solid.


Try glueing fabric scraps on your scrapbooking projects to add colour and texture. It’s especially great if you’re trying to achieve a more natural and crafty look!

Cord Organisers

Take a rectangle of fabric and add a snap or magnetic button to it, so you can keep your wound-up cords neat.

Fabric Rope

Cut your scraps into thin rectangles and tie them together for a nice and colourful rope. These ropes can be used to make hangers for pot plants, and other projects.

Scrap Quilt

If your scraps are just big enough, you may be able to make a whole quilt top out of them! Imagine that - a quilt made from pieces of the other quilts you’ve made through the year!


If your scraps are long enough, try making them into shoelaces for extra unique styling.

Bag Tags

Spot your luggage straight away by sewing yourself a little luggage tag out of scraps.

Fabric Mache

With a little glue and fabric, you can use your scraps for things like school projects, or even make little fabric bowls for holding sewing tools!


Got anything you’d like to hang up on a hook, like a face washer or a tea towel? Use little scrap pieces to make loops that can be sewn or clipped on with snap buttons.

Pom Poms

With your fabric scraps tied into a cord/rope, try making little pom poms. They’re great for Christmas tree decorations.

Canvas Art

Get your glue and start sticking fabric to a canvas. Colour coordinate, or just go wild! You’ll have a totally unique artwork to hang in no time.

In the Hoop Embroidery Projects

Your scraps may be just the right size for those little elements of applique.


Try a fabric collage technique. There are many collage projects available that ask for little pieces of fabric to make colourful and complex designs.


Yep, that’s right! You can make paper from cotton fabric scraps. It’s perfect for things like roleplaying, dress-up, and making authentic-looking props!


See if your local school has a need or use for fabric scraps. You never know!

If your scraps aren't too small, or you've got something you're thinking of scrapping, you can also check out our collection of free upcycling projects! View Projects →

Now that you've got some ideas for making use of your fabric scraps, we encourage you to get creative and see what you can make! If this article has inspired you to create something, don’t forget to show us your finished projects on Instagram or Facebook #echidnasewing #madebyme