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Brother PR Accessories Compatibility Guide

Date Posted:4 March 2022 

There are many accessories available for your PR series machine, allowing you to create a variety of projects. It can be a little overwhelming to find the correct accessories for your model machine, so we've created this handy compatibility guide to simplify it for you.

Find out which accessories are compatible with your PR series machine. The guide below includes all of the genuine Brother PR accessories available and all machine models that are or have been available in Australia. If you own or have previously owned an old PR machine and now have a new model, use this guide to find out if your old accessories are still compatible.

You can view and download Brother's latest full PR series accessories guide here →

Cap Frames
Flat Brim Cap Frame (PRCFH5AP)
Flat Brim Cap Frame Set (PRCF5AP)
Advanced Cap Frame II (PRCFH3)
Advanced Cap Frame II Set (PRCF3)
Extra Wide Single Cap Frame Kit (PRPCF1)
Extra Wide Double Cap Frame Kit (PRPCFAP)
Extra Wide Cap Frame (PRPCFH4)
Magnetic Frames
Magnetic Sash Frame 320 x 200 (PRMS360AP)
Versatile Magnetic Kit 100 x 100 (PRVMFMKITAP)
Versatile Magnetic Frame 100 x 100 (PRVMFMAP)
Versatile Magnetic Kit 180 x 130 (PRVMFLKITAP)
Versatile Magnetic Frame 180 x 130 (PRVMFLAP)
Magnetic Frame 50 x 50 (PRMF50AP)
Magnetic Frame Kit 50 x 50 (PRMFA50AP)
Compact Frames
Compact Frame Kit (PRHCK1AP)
Compact Frame 38 x 44 (VRSF44)
Compact Frame 50 x 50 (VRSF50)
Compact Frame 41 x 70 (VRSF70)
Compact Frame 33 x 75 (VRSFV)
Clamp Frames
Clamp Frame Set M (PRCLPM1AP)
Clamp Frame M (VRCLP100BAP)
Border Frame 300 x 100 (PRPBF1)
Border Frame 180 x 100 (VRBF180)
Clamp Frame - Arm D Frame S (PRCLP45BAP)
PRS Clamp Frame - Arm D Frame S (VRCLP45B)
Clamp Frame - Frame S (PRCLP45SAP)
Clamp Frame - Arm D Frame SL/SR (PRCLP45LRDAP)
Clamp Frame - Frame SL/SR (PRCLP45LRAP)
Round Frames
Round Frame Arm C (PRPARMC)
Round Frame 100mm (PRPRF100)
Round Frame 130mm (PRPRF130)
Round Frame 160mm (PRPRF160)
PR Round Frame Kit (PRPRFK1)
PRS Round Frame Kit (VRRFK1)
Cylinder Frames
Cylinder Frame (PRCL1)
Cylinder Frame Set (PRCLH1)
Standard Frames
Embroidery Frame 40 x 60 (PRH60)
Embroidery Frame 100 x 100 (PRH100)
Embroidery Frame 130 x 180 (PRH180)
Embroidery Frame 200 x 300 (PRH300)
Embroidery Frame 200 x 360 (PRPH360)
PRS Embroidery Frame 200 x 200 (VRTF200)
Specialty Frames
Sleeve Frame 70 x 200 (PRHSL200AP)
Quilt Frame 200 x 200 (PRPQF200)
PR Flat Frame 200 x 300 (PRF300)
PRS Flat Frame 200 x 200 (VRFF200)
Jumbo Frame 360 x 360 (PRPJF360)
Extension Tables
Tubular frame table (PRTT1AP)
PR Wide Table (PRWT1)
PRS Wide Table (VRWT1)
Free Motion Kit (VRFMK1)
Embroidery Stand (VRPRNSTD)
Bobbin Winder Unit (PRBW1)

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