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An embroiderer's new best friend!

This multi-purpose 8" x 8" Durkee Quilt/Border Frame was specifically designed to embroider and help create larger scale embroidery projects. It is a wonderful choice for quilting, creating multiple badges or patches in a single hooping, jacket backs, towels and so much more. You can tackle a multitude of difficult-to-hoop items.

Plus, if you've been searching for a way to hold your fabric and stabilizer securely for high density stitching projects such as photo stitching, this frame is a great solution!

  • Includes a Quilt Frame Clip Removal Tool
  • 8" x 8" size
  • Suitable for the Brother PRS100

The included Quilt Frame Clip Removal Tool makes your hoop process extremely easy. It features a slot on the inside which is simply placed over the lever of the clip. All you have to do is lift upwards to remove the clip. This tool is very easy to handle and use, and avoids any strain on your hands or fingers.

Quilt Frame Clip Removal Tool
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