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BONUS ITEMS! Buy 3D Embroidery Puff Stuff (40" x ½ Yard) & receive these for free!

Grab attention with dimension!

Add another dimension to your embroidery designs and create a 3D look using the incredible Puff Stuff. It's a machine embroidery game changer!

Puff Stuff can be placed under any embroidery (like a topper). Begin your stitching and once your design is complete, just rinse it under warm water and let it dry. The results are extraordinary, taking your chosen design to the next level and making it stand out in a way that you can see, touch and feel.

Using Puff Stuff will save you time! Compared to creating traditional 3D puffy foam embroidery and having to find designs specifically digitized for use with puffy foam, Puff Stuff requires no preparation. No design settings need to be altered, you just simply add Puff Stuff into your hoop like any topper, under any embroidery design of your choice. It just needs a simple rinse and the 3D effect will come to life!

3D Embroidery Puff Stuff

Puff Stuff can be used on a variety of projects like caps, patches, crafts, small lettering, jackets and more. It works in combination with a library of stitch types and lengths, increasing your creative potential and allowing you to explore new avenues. It is suitable for use on a large selection of materials including nylon, felt, canvas, heavyweight fabrics, tote bags and backpacks. It's not ideal for lightweight fabrics, worn garments that require recurrent laundering or materials that wrinkle easily.

It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

3D Embroidery Puff Stuff

1. Place

3D Embroidery Puff Stuff

2. Stitch

3D Embroidery Puff Stuff

3. Rinse

3D Embroidery Puff Stuff

Your final result!

  1. Cut out the amount of Puff Stuff™ needed for your project.

  2. Like a topper, securely place the Puff Stuff™ underneath your design before you start embroidering.

  3. Stitch over the top of the Puff Stuff™.

  4. Trim off any excess Puff Stuff™ ¼" around your design to make the process easier.

  5. Wash it away with lukewarm water.

Important to remember:

  • Avoid using a steam iron on Puff Stuff™

  • Puff Stuff™ is for use with satin stitches on items that require minimal laundering


  • This product is affected by humidity and should be stored in air-tight packaging.
  • This product looks similar to polyester batting. Make sure you store and label well as Puff Stuff™ would not be suitable to use as a batting.

Barcode: 7427270361205

3D Puff Stuff

By: Glyn and Chris on 4 May 2023
This product really does make the design satin stitch 'pop'. I haven;t used it on my free designs yet but I bought it for 2 other ones and it really does enhance the look. I thoroughly recommend it even though it suggests for use on items that don't need to be laundered often. I will soon embroider an item and test to see how many times of laundering before the 3D effect disappears. I will also try it on free standing items such as cradle mobiles. The possibilities keep coming. I give it 5 stars, the stars don't work

I like it!

By: Rebecca on 26 October 2022
First project I did it was a great result. Second project I chose a wider font with an outline which I do not recommended as it looks like it eyelashed in effect. Definitely recommend just be selective with your font, not too wide or too narrow… test stitch until you get the feel


By: Peter on 12 October 2022
I saw this on John Deer's website so I thought I'd give it a go. I'm enjoying it but it's limited in it's application. You can't use it on anything washed frequently.

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