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January 2021: Quilts

Date Posted:1 December 2020 

January 2021: Quilts main image

Each year in December we end our Charity Sewalong with quilts for Ronald McDonald House. We're doing things a little different this year to allow you more time to create your quilt. Due to the busy Christmas season, we will be featuring the sewalong for Ronald McDonald quilts in both December and January 2021. So you can get a head start right now! You'll have time throughout both months to create your quilt and send it in. 

Every year thousands of children are struck down by very serious long term illness or injury and endure weeks, and in some cases, months of hospitalisation. Snuggle Quilts can become a very special attachment for a child and they will be able to take it with them when hopefully the time comes for them to leave hospital and go home.

The quilts are a comforting and caring community gesture that help parents and family of these children keep faith in the human spirit. Quilts are often also given to young siblings of the sick or injured child as they too can need comforting during times of need.


You can create a quilt using our suggested pattern or use your own design, ensuring it complies with the following criteria:

  • Quilt size must be between 100cm and 110cm square
  • Be made from new materials
  • Clean and free from chemicals, smoke and pet hair
  • Cannot have any potential choking hazards like buttons, beads, gems or rhinestones.

A Snuggle Quilt can be as simple as a front and back panel with a layer of batting in the center or you can create a complex quilt, full of blocks and piecework. As long as you meet the requirements above your quilt will go a long way to help a child in need.


Our suggested pattern is an embroidered panel quilt. With 9 different block squares, it is perfect to showcase some cute embroidery for the children. 

The finished quilt size is approximately 42" square. 


  • ½ metre of white, cream or neutral fabric to showcase the embroidery = Pieces A, B & C
  • 1½ metre of fabric that compliments your embroidery = Pieces D, E F, G, H, J
  • 1½ metre backing fabric = Piece  I

Cut requirements

A - 9 x (8 inches x 8 inches)

B - 2 x (1½ inches x 31 inches)

C - 2 x (1½ inches by 33 inches)

D - 6 x (2½ inches x 8 inches)

E - 4 x (2½ inches x 27 inches)

F - 2 x (2½ inches x 31 inches)

G - 2 x (4½ inches x 33 inches)

H - 2 x (4½ inches x 41 inches) 

I -1 x (42 inches x 42 inches)

J - 5 x (2½ inches x 42 inches)



1. Embroider blockTake the white A pieces and embroider as desired (hoop fabric with Softaway/Tearaway or See Through Cutaway)


We will be using a ¼ inch seam throughout the entire construction of this quilt.

1. With right sides together and using ¼ inch seams throughout, join the 6 x A pieces to the 6 x B pieces along each right-hand side long edge.

Step 2

2. On the wrong side, press all seams toward each coloured B piece.

Step 3

3. Make 3 strips; joining 2 x AB pieces and 1 x A piece, with right sides together as follows:

Step 4

Step 5

Press all seams towards the coloured sashing.

4. Using 4 x E pieces join the 3 constructed strips with right sides together, as shown to make 1 piece.

Step 6

5. Join 2 x F pieces with right sides together, along each side of the large piece.

Step 7

Press all seams towards the coloured sashing.

6. Join white B pieces to the top and bottom then C pieces to sides, as shown.

Step 8

Press all seams towards the coloured sashing.

7. Join the remaining coloured border G pieces, right sides together, along the top and bottom edges and then, with right sides together, join the H pieces along each side edge.

Step 9

8. Press all seams and your quilt top is now ready to bind. With right sides together, join all of the binding (J) pieces, and iron in half along the width. Then with right sides facing, sandwich together and pin into place the quilt top, the batting and the I piece (backing).

9. Quilt as desired and then attach the binding (J) to the front of the quilt, aligning all raw edges. Fold over to the back of the quilt and then hand-sew into place using a blind hemstitch.


Quilt Inspo


This sewalong will run from 1st December 2020 – 31st January 2021.


Sewalongs are a great way to get inspired by what everyone creates, while giving to a worthy cause. If you’re new to sewing or embroidering this is a great chance to get involved and have fun no matter what the outcome. Any excuse to put your sewing and embroidery machines to good use is a great one.


Be sure to include your name, postal address and contact details with your donation. Simply fill out the Snuggle Quilt Submission form (pdf, 426kb) and either mail or drop it in with quilt to us at:

Echidna Snuggle Quilt
Echidna Sewing
56 Neumann Road
Capalaba QLD 4157

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