Baby dribble bib

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Create this cute little baby dribble bib for your baby/toddler for when you're out and about. Embroider it with your favourite kids embroidery design to give it some extra style!

Embroider Buddy

How to create your dribble bib

Download the pattern (PDF, 8.25kb)

Tip: When you print make sure you print as Actual Size.

What you need

  • 0.6 metre cotton or light weight material
  • 0.6 metre Waffle Weave
  • Snaps or Velcro


Download printable instructions (PDF, 259kb)

Online Instructions

Embroider your design onto the fabric first. 

If you're looking for some cute embroidery designs we suggest this Morango Button Babies Design Pack. They are quite small and perfect for a project like this.

Note: If you cut the material from the pattern before embroidering you will not have enough fabric in the hoop for stability.


Cut the pattern out and place it over the fabric so that the design is in the centre. 

Pattern Layout

Cut out the Waffle Weave fabric from the pattern.

Waffle Weave

Place the fabric so that the right sides are facing together and then pin in place. 

Fabric Placement

Leave a small gap free so you can turn it inside out once you have finished sewing around the edge. You can mark this with your pins.

Pin leaving a gap

Sew 1/4 inch around the edge of the fabric making sure to leave a small gap as outlined by your pins.

Sew edge

Cut around the sharp edge and around the corners making sure not to cut your stitch line.

Cut edge material

Turn it inside out through the small gap and iron flat.

Iron Fabric

Hand sew the small opening closed. 

Hand Sew

It is probably best to wrap the dribble bib around your child and mark with an erasable pen where you need to place the velcro or snaps.

We have used a machine snap in the picture above but you can also use sewn on snaps or velcro. Do not use buttons or anything that can be eaten or accidentally swallowed by your child.

Dribble Bib Final

Dribble Bib

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