Baby burp cloth applique

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Baby Bib AppliqueThis project combines using the Brother ScanNCut and your Brother sewing machine to create these cute, unique baby bibs. 

Project Files

ScanNCut Files

Downloadable PDF File

This is optional if you don't want to use or don't currently own a ScanNCut machine.

Baby Bib Pattern

Fabric Required

  • 4 x (30x30cm) pieces of fabric for applique
  • 1 x low cost white towel (makes approximately 5 bibs)
  • 50cm x 24cm plain or decorative fabric for the front of the burp cloth


Step One

Download the ScanNCut files (design one & two) and save them to USB. 

Step Two

Cut two different colour pieces of fabric to the width of 30cm x 30cm. Then iron on the ScanNCut Iron on fabric applique to the back of both fabric pieces. 


Step Three

Spray some 505 Spray and Fix adhesive spray (only available to purchase in store) to the back of the fabric and then place it onto the ScanNCut Standard Mat.

ScanNCut Mat

Step Four

Load the pattern design via usb onto the ScanNCut Machine. Select the pattern Design One and then load the mat into the front of the ScanNCut machine.

ScanNCut-Load Design

Using the menu scan the mat so that your fabric comes up on screen. This way when you check your pattern on the ScanNCut you can also ensure that the designs are accurately placed on the fabric. 

ScanNCut Scan Design

It's always a good idea to run a test. We have used the Standard Cut Blade and had to adjust the blade level after running a small square test in the bottom left hand corner.

ScanNCut Test Square

If you are unsure please refer to your how to guide that comes with the Brother ScanNCut.

Step Five

Cut the fabric and then peel off unwanted fabric.

Remove Fabric

Step Six

For the second design pattern since it's only 15cm width maximum, we cut two pieces of fabric and put them side-by-side (as shown below). Then to cut out Design Two repeat steps 1 - 6. 

ScanNCut Design Two

Step Seven

Use the baby bib pattern to cut out your fabric. One piece will be the towelling and one piece will be the coloured fabric. Iron the design you wish to use onto the fabric.

Brother Applique Settings

Select the blanket stitch on your machine (shown above as 1-21) and stitch out onto a scrap piece of material to get the right applique length and width. You can now stitch around the outside of the design. 

Brother Applique Stitch

Applique Sewing

Tip: when rotating your material at a corner or sharp edge put the needle down before rotating your fabric.

Get creative, you can now sew these designs onto t-shirts, bibs, onesies, etc using ribbon, buttons etc to add extra features.

Step Eight

Finish sewing the Burp Cloth referring to the Burp Cloth Pattern.

Project Photos

Applique Baby Bibs