Simple slip pillow

Simple slip pillow main image

This tutorial will help you make a slip for any size dimension pillow. Follow these simple measuring steps and step-by-step instructions on how to sew your pillow. 

Slip Pillow

Diagram for working out the dimensions

Follow this diagram to work out the length and width needed for your simple slip pillow. It's a good idea to write these measurements on a piece of paper as you will need them as you complete your pillow slip.

Slip Pillow Dimensions


Measure your pillow from edge to edge. This will work out the width and length of the front of your pillow. The pillow shown below was 19inches (approx 50cm) width and height.

Measure your Pillow

Therefore, I followed the Example dimensions (shown above) and worked out how much fabric I needed in length and height. This worked out to be 122.70cm length and 52.40cm in height. 

Pillow Dimensions

Fold both of the edges 1 inch and then 1 inch again where the red lines are shown below.

This will create an edge that is not frayed. Iron and pin in place.

Fold Edges

Sew this as close to the edge as possible to create a nice finish.

Sew Edge

You pillow slip will now look like this...

Pillow Slip - Edges Sewn

Overlock the top and bottom edges so your pillow does not fray when you wash it.

Overlock Edges

Now you can pin where the front edge should be. To work this out it I have used my Example dimensions (shown above) and gone 25cm from the left and 37.5 cm from the right.

Pin Edges

Once you have pinned your slip to work out where the front will be you can fold your two backs in, laying one piece over the other (as shown below). Make sure the wrong side of the fabric is showing on the outside. 

Fold Edges

Pin along the top and the bottom. 

Pin final edges

Now sew where you have pinned along the top and the bottom 1/2 inch in.

Sew Final Edges

Once you have sewn both edges, cut the corners off so when you fold it inside it won't bunch in the corners. Turn your slip inside out.

Pillow Outside

Iron your slip so that the corners are nice and crisp before putting it on your pillow.

Slip Iron Outside

Now you can put it over your pillow!

Slip Pillow