Gingerman ornament

Gingerman ornament main image

by Lindee Goodall

Learn how to adapt appliqué to make quick and easy Christmas ornaments. Make a baker's dozen and add them as an extra gift on a present. The basic technique can be used with most any appliqué where the design is fully contained within the appliqué fabric area.

Why Applique?

I love appliqué! It's easy, it offers design variety, and it works on a wider range of fabrics and textures than standard appliqué. How else could you embroider a white snowman on a fluffy red towel and not have it turn out pink? Plus, appliqué with the embroidery machine comes out with perfect curves and corners every time!

What You'll Lean in this Lesson

  • How to use simple yet creative techniques to expland your embroidery skills
  • How to make double-sided free-standing designs with appliqués

What you need to begin

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