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Caps, hats and other odd shaped items can be challenging for even the most experienced embroiderer. Introducing the new Durkee Cap Frame system, an easy and well priced alternative to the traditional cap frame kits. 

The spacious embroidery area of 5.5” x 6” (140mm x 150mm) allows for much larger designs when compared to the usual 130mm x 60mm cap frame sets.

Use them in conjunction with our new range of FILMOPLAST Sticky Stabilizer and watch your creativity soar. The adhesive on the backing holds your project in place while the machine is stitching.

Important note: DE Hoops are not genuine Brother hoops and are not recognized by the machine hoop sensor. Care must be taken to trace your design before stitching to avoid the needle coming into contact with the hoop (this is standard practice on most other commercial embroidery machines). Additionally, the sizes shown are actual hoop size, the embroidery area will be smaller than the hoop size. Any damage caused due to the failure of the operator to observe the appropriate precautions will not be covered under warranty.

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