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ScanNCut Accessories Compatibility Guide

Date Posted:17 December 2021 

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to Brother ScanNCut accessories. From blades and mats to designs and transfers, it can be overwhelming to know what works with your model machine.

Below is a handy compatibility guide which shows you the available accessories for each Brother ScanNCut model. It's a great way to make sure you're using the right tools for the job so you can use your machine to its full potential.

Low Tack Mat 12"x12" (CAMATLOW12)
Low Tack Mat 12"x24" (CAMATLOW24)
Standard Mat 12"x12" (CAMATSTD12)
Standard Mat 12"x24" (CAMATSTD24)
Scanning Mat 12"x12" (CAMATS12)
Scanning Mat 12"x24" (CAMATS24)
SDX Fabric Mat 12"x12" (CADXMATF12)
SDX Low Tack Mat 12"x12" (CADXMATLOW12)
SDX Low Tack Mat 12"x24" (CADXMATLOW24)
SDX Standard Mat 12"x12" (CADXMATSTD12)
SDX Standard Mat 12"x24" (CADXMATSTD24)
SDX Scanning Mat 12"x12" (CADXMATS12)
SDX Scanning Mat 12"x24" (CADXMATS24)
Blades, Blade Holders & Blade Kits
Standard Cut Blade (Blade Only) (CABLDP1)
Standard Cut Blade Holder (CAHLP1)
Deep Cut Blade (Blade Only) (CABLDF1)
Deep Cut Blade Holder (CAHLF1)
SDX Auto Blade (Blade Only) (CADXBLD1)
SDX Thin Fabric Auto Blade (CADXBLDQ1)
SDX Thin Fabric Auto Blade Holder (CADXHLDQ1)
SDX Vinyl Auto Blade (CADXBLDV1)
SDX Vinyl Auto Blade Kit (CADXVBKIT1)
SDX Vinyl Auto Blade Kit with Disney(CADXVBDSNKIT1)
Rotary SDX Auto Blade (Blade Only) (CADXBLDR1)
Rotary SDX Auto Blade Kit (CADXRBKIT1)
Pens & Pen Holders
6 Color Pens for ScanNCut (CAPEN1)
2 Erasable Pens for ScanNCut (CAPEN2)
Pen Holder (CAPENHL1)
Universal Pen Holder (CAUNIPHL1)
Small Barrel Pen Holder (CAUNIPHL2)
Precision Tweezers (CATWZ1)
4" Brayer/Roller (CABRY1)
3.9" Scraper (CASCP1)
Spatula and Hook Set (CASPHK1)
SDX Roll Feeder (CADXRF1)
SDX Trimming Cutter (CADXRFC1)
SDX Roll Feeder 2 (CADXRF2)
Roll Feeder Leader Sheet (CADXRFLS1)
Iron-On Fabric Contact Sheet (CASTBL1)
High Tack Sheets (CASTBL2)
Stencil Sheet (CASTCL1)
Storage Bags
Genuine ScanNCut Carry Bag (N8BL00099)
Genuine Embroidered ScanNCut Bag (N8BL00047)
Pattern & Design Activation Cards
Quilt Pattern Collection USB (CAUSB1)
Applique Pattern Collection USB (CAUSB2)
Home-Deco Pattern Collection USB (CAUSB3)
3D Craft Paper Collection USB (CAUSB4)
Christmas Decoration Collection (CACDCP01)
Disney Mickey & Minnie Mouse Paper Craft Collection 1 (CADSNP01)
Disney Princess Paper Craft Collection 1 (CADSNP02)
Disney Mickey & Friends Applique Pattern Collection 1 (CADSNP03)
Disney Frozen Home-Deco Pattern Collection 1 (CADSNP04)
Disney Toy Story Home-Deco Pattern Collection 1 (CADSNP05)
Disney Snow White and Belle Paper Craft Collection (CADSNP06)
Disney Cinderella and Ariel Paper Craft Collection (CADSNP07)
Disney Rapunzel and Aurora Paper Craft Collection (CADSNP08)
Disney Alice in Wonderland Design Collection (CADSNP09)
Disney Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Design Collection (CADSNP10)
Tattered Lace Pattern Collection 1 (CATTLP01)
Tattered Lace Pattern Collection 2 (CATTLP02)
Tattered Lace Pattern Collection 3 (CATTLP03)
Tattered Lace Pattern Collection 4 (CATTLP04)
Tattered Lace Pattern Collection 5 (CATTLP05)
Tattered Lace Pattern Collection 6 (CATTLP06)
Tattered Lace Pattern Collection 7 (CATTLP07)
Tattered Lace Pattern Collection 8 (CATTLP08)
Tattered Lace Pattern Collection 9 (CATTLP09)
Tattered Lace Pattern Collection 10 (CATTLP10)
Tattered Lace Pattern Collection 11 (CATTLP11)
Tattered Lace Pattern Collection 12 (CATTLP12)
Tattered Lace Pattern Collection 13 (CATTLP13)
Tattered Lace Pattern Collection 14 (CATTLP14)
Tattered Lace Pattern Collection 15 (CATTLP15)
Design Collection 1 For Roll Feeder (CADXRFDP01)
Pigpong Lettering Collection (CAPPNP01)
Pigpong Box Collection (CAPPNP02)
Disney Frozen 2 Pattern Collection for Vinyl Auto Blade (CADXDSNP11)
Disney Design Collection for Roll Feeder (CADXDSNP12)
Advanced Graphics
Enhanced Image Tracing - Premium Pack 1 (CACVPPAC1)
Enhanced Image Tracing - Premium Pack 2 (CACVPPAC2)
Link Plug-in for Adobe® Illustrator® (CADXSNCLNK1)
Print to Cut for CanvasWorkspace (CADXPRNTCUT1)
Rhinestone Starter Kit (CARSKIT1)
Rhinestone Design Collection (CARSDP01)
Rhinestone Sheet Set (CARSSH1)
Rhinestone Transfer Sheets (CARSTS1)
Rhinestone Template Media Sheet (RSTONE-TEMPLATE)
Black Rhinestones - 10SS x 800pcs (CARS10B)
Clear Rhinestones - 10SS x 800pcs (CARS10C)
Pink Rhinestones - 10SS x 400pcs (CARS10P)
Red Rhinestones - 10SS x 800pcs (CARS10R)
Turquoise Rhinestones - 10SS x 800pcs (CARS10T)
Yellow Rhinestones - 10SS x 800pcs (CARS10Y)
Clear Rhinestones - 16SS x 400pcs (CARS16C)
Multi-Colour Rhinestones - 16SS x 400pcs (CARS16M)
Clear Rhinestones - 20SS x 200pcs (CARS20C)
Multi-Colour Rhinestones - 20SS x 200pcs (CARS20M)
Clear Rhinestones - 6SS x 800pcs (CARS6C)
Multi-Colour Rhinestones - 6SS x 800pcs (CARS6M)
Foil Transfer
Foil Transfer Starter Kit (CAFTKIT1)
Glue Pen for ScanNCut Foil Kit (CAFTGP1)
Blue Foil Transfer Sheets for ScanNCut (CAFTSBLU1)
Gold Foil Transfer Sheets for ScanNCut (CAFTSGLD1)
Green Foil Transfer Sheets for ScanNCut (CAFTSGRN1)
Pink Foil Transfer Sheets (CAFTSPNK1)
Red Foil Transfer Sheets (CAFTSRED1)
Silver Foil Transfer Sheets (CAFTSSIL1)
Paper Piercing
SDX Paper Piercing Starter Kit (CADXPPKIT1)
SDX Paper Piercing Tools (CADXPPTL1)
SDX Paper Piercing Mat (CADXPPMAT1)
SDX Paper Piercing Design Collection (CADXPPDP01)
Embossing Starter Kit (CAEBSKIT1)
Embossing Mat (CAEBSMAT1)
Embossing Template Sheet Set (CAEBSTS1)
Bronze Metal Embossing Sheet (CAEBSBMS1)
Silver Metal Embossing Sheet (CAEBSSMS1)
SDX Calligraphy Starter Kit (CADXCLGKIT1)
Calligraphy Font Collection for Calligraphy Kit (CADXCLGFP01)
SDX Calligraphy Essential Pen Set (CADXCLGPEN1)
SDX Calligraphy Basic Pen Set (CADXCLGPEN2)
SDX Calligraphy Tropical Pen Set (CADXCLGPEN3)
Sticker Sheet Set (CAPSS1)
Mini Printable Sticker Sheet (CAPSSMINI1)
Stamp Starter Kit (CASTPKIT1)
Stamp Sheet Set (CASTPS1)
Acrylic Stamp Block Set (CASTPBLS1)
Vinyl Media
Blue Adhesive Craft Vinyl Roll (CAVINYLBE)
Gold Adhesive Craft Vinyl Roll (CAVINYLGD)
Plum Adhesive Craft Vinyl Roll (CAVINYLPM)
Red Adhesive Craft Vinyl Roll (CAVINYLRD)
Silver Adhesive Craft Vinyl Roll (CAVINYLSR)

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