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Handy Cutter Uses

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Have you received one of our free Handy Cutters in your order and aren’t sure how to use it? It may surprise you, but this little gadget is fantastic for a variety of uses in sewing, embroidery, craft, and other household applications. 

Handy cutters are small, easy to store, and fit perfectly in your hand during use. It was designed with safety in mind to avoid injuring yourself but should still be used with caution. 

So what is it used for?
The Handy Cutter is especially great for cutting things on a roll, such as stabilizer, heavy interfacing, and wrapping paper. It makes achieving a precise, clean cut 100x easier than just using scissors. Just line up the tool with the edge of the roll and slice straight down. You can also cut heavier fabrics like canvas, corduroy, and heavy upholstery fabric, as well as cutting chenille and vinyl for craft projects.

Apart from being used for sewing, embroidery, and craft, this tool is also ideal for a range of household uses. Open letters, boxes, packaged goods, or even cut off tangled hair in your vacuum cleaner. It’s essentially suitable for anything that can be cut with a small blade and an excellent option if you’re looking for a tool that is a lot safer than your average stanley knife!

Our Handy Cutters aren’t available for purchase on our website but are one of the fabulous freebies we provide in our shipped orders.

Watch how we use our Handy Cutter →

Handy Cutter Cut Threads

Cut your threads

The Handy Cutter is a fantastic tool for cutting threads during sewing and embroidery.

Handy Cutter Cut Fabric

Use on most types of fabric

You can cut a variety of different fabrics with the Handy Cutter, from cotton/polyester to corduroy!

Handy Cutter Cut Stabilizer

Cutting your stabilizer is so easy

It's so easy to cut your stabilizer from the roll with this Handy Cutter. Cut with straight lines and hardly any effort!

Handy Cutter Cut Paper

Achieve smooth paper cutting

This compact gadget is handy to have in your draw for cutting paper, like wrapping paper or scrapbooking paper!

Handy Cutter Open Boxes

Open boxes and packages

Instead of a stanley knife, use the Handy Cutter to open any packaged goodies. It's safe and simple!

Handy Cutter Open Envelopes

Keep it by your desk & open your mail

It makes a great envelope opener! You won't need to struggle with your hands to open your mail.

Handy Cutter Cut Tangled Vacuum

Is your vacuum giving you grief?

If your vacuum is tangled with threads or hair, the Handy Cutter is perfect for releasing things that are caught in the bottom of your vacuum head!