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Achieving Better Quality Embroidery

Author: Lindee Goodall  

Are you interested in getting better embroidery? Do you sometimes suspect it doesn't matter what you do with a particular design you won't get good results? Well, you may be right!

Maybe you've tried different hooping techniques, different stabilizers, even different threads and needles. You've tried different fabrics. And while your results may change, it still isn't good enough. There are a lot of things that factor into how well a design sews. But there’s one thing that ultimately controls everything else. If there’s a big enough problem here, there’s nothing you can do in the embroidery preparation technique to correct it.

What is that thing? The design, of course! You don't need to be a digitizer to tell whether a design is good or bad. There are things you can check before you ever sew it to determine if it even stands a chance of sewing well.

How do you discover these secrets? From a digitizer. A professional digitizer knows what it takes to make a design sew-worthy. For years I've shared these techniques in classes but now I've written them down in an ebook that any one any where can get. And these techniques work with any machine; they are not software or even design specific. Once you discover them, you'll never look at a design the same way.

Anatomy of a Design

What's the book called?

It's called Anatomy of a Design: How to Think Like a Digitizer & Become a Better Embroiderer. Because it's an e-book, meaning it's a digital PDF (Acrobat) file so you can get it immediately.

Don't you hate ordering something and then having to wait a week or more to get it? Another advantage is that it has interactive elements. There are live links in the book that you can click on that take you to related information on the web.

There a 3 videos embedded in the book ... try that with a regular "hard copy" book. The table of contents is "live", just click on a topic and you're there. Alternatively, you can purchase the colour printed spiral bound book which includes CD containing the digital PDF.

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