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Introducing the Brother Luminaire

Author: Gary Walker  Date Posted:1 September 2018 

The latest and greatest sewing, embroidery and quilting machine of 2018

How do they do it? What creative inspiration drives the design engineers at Brother? Who sat down and thought “mmmm let’s put a projector into our next generation machine and project the image right there onto the fabric in vibrant colour?” Oh to be so visionary. And that’s just the start!

Why we love the Luminaire

The Brother Luminaire XP1 is truly something special and now that I’ve had some time to really absorb the new technologies that quite frankly are years ahead of the pack, I am smitten with this machine. But if pushed for my absolute number one reason to love the Luminaire, it’s the engineering quality and unprecedented quietness that impresses me the most. 

It just feels good

With advanced new motors for both the machine and embroidery unit, there is a feeling of absolute surety when you stitch on the Luminaire. In other words it just feels and sounds so darn good and that means you’ll love using it. You can have the most incredible features but if the quality and feel is left wanting, they mean nothing at all. It’s one of the key reasons I have passionately sold Brother machines for so long. As a machine mechanic myself, I gravitate to quality and the fact that Brother are also leaders in technology is quite honestly a huge bonus.

The ultimate user experience

The Luminaire is choc full of surprises at every turn and I find myself saying “wow” repeatedly. The huge new capacitive touch screen is like using an iPad or a tablet and the image quality is amazing. The pinch to zoom and touch scrolling functions combined with the best user interface on the market means finding the right design or stitch type is easier and faster than ever before. And let me tell you there are a lot of stunning built-in designs to choose from including amazing new Disney designs.

Anyone can create their own designs 

Drawing upon all the best features of the still very popular Dream Machine, the Luminaire incorporates a more advanced version of the exclusive Brother My Design Center. Scan an image or drawing using the scanning hoop provided, load a jpeg file directly to the machine or even simply draw directly on screen and the My Design Center will turn your ideas or images into a ready to stitch embroidery design, right there on the machine – no computer required.

Existing Dream Machine and PR1050X owners know what we mean and My Design Center has been enhanced even further. With an even bigger range of built-in scalable quilting fill patterns plus automatic stippling and the new echo quilting function, creative minds have no boundaries. 

Does Size Matter?

They say size matters and the Luminaire delivers with Brother’s largest embroidery area ever at 408mm x 272mm. That’s a whopping 16” x 10.5” hoop size which is reinforced with steel and rubber grips for better fabric security. 

Imagine how many exquisite PhotoStitch portraits you could create with the new PE Design 11 software that is included in the introductory package. PhotoStitch is very cool! A huge hoop makes it even better.

Room to move

For sewers and quilters, the extended 13.1” needle to arm space is cavernous, accommodating large quilt rolls. Converting from embroidery mode to sewing is quick and easy and if you opt to leave the embroidery unit in place, there is ample room to sew. The new design also eliminates the embroidery arm slots so there is no chance to lose misplaced pins into the embroidery unit.

Australia’s best deals

I could go on and on about this remarkable machine but I do recommend watching the excellent videos or better still drop in and see it in person. We have Australia’s best package deal. 

It’s fair to say that we are chuffed with this latest technology and already there is a long list of very happy Luminaire customers. Well done Brother on yet another industry milestone. They just keep coming.


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