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Brother PR1050X vs Brother Luminaire

Date Posted:1 February 2019 

The Luminaire is the latest top of the range home sewing and embroidery machine from Brother and is truly visionary. For many it will be the ultimate machine, but for others it may not be the right choice. That’s why we always suggest that serious embroidery lovers should look carefully at the Brother PR1050X Entrepreneur Pro. 

Brother PR1050X Embroidery Only Multi-needle machineIntroducing the PR1050X (10 Needle)

The PR1050X is the 10 needle fully automatic embroidery machine that was created to embroider like no other. Featuring the advanced Brother My Design Center and the ultimate versatility of tubular or free arm embroidery, this workhorse model is equally at home with hobbyists and small business owners alike.

No need to babysit your machine

The automatic colour changing function means you can hit the go button and walk away. If your design has 10 colours or less, your next liaison with the machine is when the job is finished. In other words you don’t need to babysit the machine. Have more than 10 colours? No worries! The clever PR1050X will stop and tell you exactly what colour thread to load on each needle and with the easy pull-through threading path and smart needle threader, changing colours is anything but a chore. Plus repeating colours are automatically recalled.

Advanced camera technology built-in

The tried and proven Brother InnovEye camera and snowman function means design alignment is perfect. You can even scan your fabric after it’s hooped and place your design exactly where you want on the huge high resolution colour screen. Imagine positioning an embroidery design on a printed fabric without any guesswork at all!

Did someone mention hoops?

There is an abundant range of both genuine and aftermarket additional hooping options like caps and hats, clamping frames for shoes and bags and even special hoops for sleeves and pants legs. Imagine not having to unpick seams to embroider otherwise difficult items. 

Get more done in less time 

At up to 1000 stitches per minute it’s not only quick, it’s also more efficient. With the 10 needle automation and fast start up speed you’ll be finished each design in no time. 

Will it fit in your sewing room?

Yes! You might have difficulty believing this but the clever design of the PR1050X provides a smaller footprint than almost all current top of the range home embroidery machines! 

For me personally, it’s the perfect embroidery machine. While I am totally smitten with the new Luminaire, I urge serious embroiderers to be sure to compare the two models. The prices are similar and they both offer the world’s best technology. They both exude the quality engineering that you’d expect from Brother but it’s important to choose the machine that is right for you. Let us help you make the right decision.

We have a package that will suit you

We pride ourselves on tailoring packages that suit individual needs. Some customers already have everything they need so a machine-only deal is perfect. Others are starting fresh and a complete kit of additional hoops, software, threads, accessories and even furniture fits the bill. There is no one size fits all but we will guarantee the best deal available and provide the very best after sales support available. It’s what we’re famous for.

Want to know more?

We can mail you a detailed information kit or you can download it all from our website and watch some excellent videos. But most importantly you can call and talk to Gary or one of our amazing team to see if a PR1050X is right for you.

Beware of imitations

It’s said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and there are a host of Brother PR series copies now being manufactured. I saw them all on my last visit to the international sewing show in Shanghai, China and let me assure you the only similarity is the external covers which are almost identical.

Trade-ins are always welcome

It’s a big help when you can use your old machine as part payment and we are happy to consider trading in any make or model.

Finance available from less than $80 per week with No Deposit over 60 month term* 

Both finance and in-house payment plans are available and you’ll be surprised at how affordable a smart new multi needle machine can be.

Support is our priority

We’ve been shipping Brother machines, including multi needle models, all over Australia since 2006. Our remote support is legendary, so just because there may not be a local sewing machine store near you doesn’t mean you need to miss out. Our phone and online support is your peace of mind.

*Finance quoted for Latitude Finance to approved applications based on the recommended retail price of $18,999 for the PR1050X with no bonus items.