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Cameo is a shiny, heavy rayon yarn that's excellent for various sewing techniques like bobbin work, cross-stitching, and overlocking. This thread bulks out after stitching to fill the gaps between stitches for full coverage in decorative edge or flatlock stitching on your overlocker. It is beautiful to use for couching on your sewing machine or couching on the Sashiko Quilting Machine (crossing the threads in front of the forming Sashiko stitch).

The thread comes in attractive colours that inspire creativity. It's soft and flexible, making it easy to work with either on its own or mixed with other threads. Cameo's smooth and soft texture suits many sewing projects on both overlockers and regular sewing machines. Notably, Cameo has a unique sheen, and its slight twist keeps it from fraying, unlike other similar products on the market.

  • 200m Spool.
  • Rayon 300D decorative thread.
  • Available in 25 colours.

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