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What is the correct bobbin case for your Brother machine

We’ve created this guide to assist you in finding the correct bobbin case for your machine. If your machine requires a sewing bobbin case and an embroidery bobbin case, it can be confusing when trying to find the correct code.

Use the guide below to find your machine model and the corresponding bobbin case with both the Brother product code and Echidna product code.

Non-computerized sewing machine

Machine Model Brother Code Echidna Code
BM2600 XC8993021 BC-S-0009 →
BC2500 XE7560001 BC-S-0002 →
GS Series XE7756101 BC-S-0010 →
JS Series XE7756101 BC-S-0010 →
Machine Model Brother Code Echidna Code
XT37 XE7756101 BC-S-0010 →
LS Series 128582023 BC-S-0011 →
PQ1500/PQ1600S S06573052 BC-S-0012 →

Computerized sewing machine

Machine Model Brother Code Echidna Code
NS10 XC3152221 BC-S-0002 →
NS15 XE7560001 BC-S-0002 →
NS20 XE7560001 BC-S-0002 →
NS25 XE7560101 BC-S-0002 →
NS30 XE7560101 BC-S-0002 →
NS35 XE7560101 BC-S-0002 →
NS50 XC3152221 BC-S-0002 →
NS55 XE7560101 BC-S-0002 →
FS155 XE7560101 BC-S-0002 →
A16 XE7560101 BC-S-0002 →
A80 XE7560101 BC-S-0002 →
A150 XE7560101 BC-S-0002 →
NV200 XC3153321 BC-S-0003 →
NV210 XC3153321 BC-S-0003 →
NV400 XC3153321 BC-S-0003 →
Machine Model Brother Code Echidna Code
NV410 XC3153321 BC-S-0003 →
NV600 XC3153321 BC-S-0003 →
NV610 XC3153321 BC-S-0003 →
F410 XG2058001 BC-S-0005 →
F420 XG2058001 BC-S-0005 →
NV1100 XG2058001 BC-S-0005 →
NV1300 XG2058001 BC-S-0005 →
NV1800Q XG2058001 BC-S-0005 →
QC1000 XE5342101 BC-S-0007 →
QC2000 XE5342101 BC-S-0007 →
VQ2400 XE5342101 BC-S-0007 →
VQ3000 XE5342101 BC-S-0007 →
BQ2500 XE5342101 BC-S-0007 →
BQ3100 XE5342101 BC-S-0007 →

Embroidery only machines

Machine Model Brother Code Echidna Code
NV700E XD1855351 BC-E-0005 →
NV750D XD1855351 BC-E-0005 →
NV780D XD1855351 BC-E-0005 →
PE770 XD1855351 BC-E-0005 →
F440E XG0871101 BC-E-0005 →
F540E XG0871101 BC-E-0005 →
PE830DL XG0871101 BC-E-0005 →
Machine Model Brother Code Echidna Code
NV800E XG2058001 BC-E-0001 →
NV880E XG2058001 BC-E-0001 →
VE2200 XF5790001 BC-E-0001 →
VE2300 (Essence) XC8167651 BC-E-0001 →
XE1/XE2 (Stellaire) XC8167651 BC-E-0001 →

Sewing and embroidery machines

Sewing Bobbin Case
Machine Model Brother Code Echidna Code
M370 XE7560001 BC-S-0002 →
M380D XE7560001 BC-S-0002 →
NV180 XE7560001 BC-S-0002 →
NV180D XE7560001 BC-S-0002 →
NV900 XE7560001 BC-S-0002 →
NV950 XE7560001 BC-S-0002 →
NV980D XE7560001 BC-S-0002 →
NV1200 XC3153321 BC-S-0005 →
NV1250D XC3153321 BC-S-0005 →
NV1500D XC3153151 BC-S-0007 →
NV2600 XG2058001 BC-S-0005 →
NV2700 XG2058001 BC-S-0005 →
NV4000 XC3153351 BC-S-0007 →
NV4000D XC3153351 BC-S-0007 →
NV4500D XC3153351 BC-S-0007 →
NV6000D XE5342101 BC-S-0007 →
NV6700D XE5342101 BC-S-0007 →
NV6750D XE5342101 BC-S-0007 →
NS2750D XG2058001 BC-S-0005 →
NQ3500D XG2058001 BC-S-0005 →
NQ3700D XG2058001 BC-S-0005 →
VM5100 XE5342101 BC-S-0007 →
VM6200D XE5342101 BC-S-0007 →
XV8500D XE5342101 BC-S-0007 →
XV8550D XE5342101 BC-S-0007 →
VM5200 (Essence) XE5342101 BC-S-0007 →
XJ1/XJ2 (Stellaire) XE5342101 BC-S-0007 →
XP1, XP2, XP3 (Luminaire) XE5342101 BC-S-0007 →
Embroidery Bobbin Case
Machine Model Brother Code Echidna Code
M370   BC-E-0001 →
M380D   BC-E-0001 →
NV180   BC-E-0001 →
NV180D   BC-E-0001 →
NV900   BC-E-0001 →
NV950   BC-E-0001 →
NV980D   BC-E-0001 →
NV1200 XC8167551 BC-E-0001 →
NV1250D XC8167551 BC-E-0001 →
NV1500D XC8167551 BC-E-0001 →
NV2600 XG2062101 BC-E-0003 →
NV2700 XG2062101 BC-E-0003 →
NV4000 XC8167551 BC-E-0001 →
NV4000D XC8167551 BC-E-0001 →
NV4500D XC8167551 BC-E-0001 →
NV6000D XC8167551 BC-E-0001 →
NV6700D XC8167551 BC-E-0001 →
NV6750D XC8167551 BC-E-0001 →
NS2750D XG2062101 BC-E-0003 →
NQ3500D XG2062101 BC-E-0003 →
NQ3700D XG2062101 BC-E-0003 →
VM5100 XC8167551 BC-E-0001 →
VM6200D XC8167551 BC-E-0001 →
XV8500D XC8167551 BC-E-0001 →
XV8550D XC8167551 BC-E-0001 →
VM5200 (Essence) XC8167651 BC-E-0001 →
XJ1/XJ2 (Stellaire) XC8167651 BC-E-0001 →
XP1, XP2, XP3 (Luminaire) XC8167651 BC-E-0001 →

PR Series machines

Machine Model Brother Code Echidna Code
PR600 XC7206001 BC-PR-0001 →
PR600II XC7206001 BC-PR-0001 →
PR620 XC7206001 BC-PR-0001 →
PR650 XC7206001 BC-PR-0001 →
PR655 XC7206001 BC-PR-0001 →
Machine Model Brother Code Echidna Code
PR670 XC7206001 BC-PR-0001 →
PR680W XC7206001 BC-PR-0001 →
PR1000 XC7206001 BC-PR-0001 →
PR1050X XC7206001 BC-PR-0001 →
PRS100/PR1X XG5240001 BC-PR-0001 →

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