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Looking for a bag to organize your essentials for running around on quick trips? Or how about a small bag to carry your passport, a bit of money, a tube of lip gloss and your cell phone? Then here it is! 


Simple single zip bags are nice for organizing various essentials but seldom ideal for carrying the things you need for daily trips and errands. The “Around Town” bag solves that dilemma with three zippered compartments in the basic version.


  • 3 individually lined zippered pockets; completed in just 1 hooping

  • 36-page illustrated step-by-step instructional PDF with 50+ full-color process photos

  • Tips for customizing your bag

  • 4-page color sequences PDF

  • 4 machine embroidery designs: 1 plain, one with sophisticated swirls, 2 sizes each

Formats include: 15 designs in formats as permitted by size. (.art, .exp, .dst, jef, .pes, .shv, .vip, .vp3, .xxx)

Brand LindeeG Embroidery
Products available
LGE-ATZB-DL Around Town Zipper Bag by Lindee Goodall Download

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