Pintor by Pilot


This is such an exciting new range from Pilot Pens and is a must-have addition to any textile craft room. Pintor Pens can be used on virtually any surface to provide vibrant and permanent embellishment options, but it’s the incredible results on all types of fabrics that got us super excited. 

Pintor Pens work hand in hand with machine embroidery. Think how creative you could be by mixing colouring techniques with stitching. Add shading and highlights or simply customize any fabric item with these permanent water-based pigment ink paint pens.
Imagine the fun children could have by creating their own unique t-shirt designs or personalizing hats, caps or even shoes. There is a limitless amount of uses, simply too many to list here. 

Watch the videos to truly grasp the scope of what Pintor Pens can offer. You can even use Pintor Pens to fix the odd embroidery blooper!

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The applications are endless

- Cotton - Linen - Polyester - Nylon - Poplin - Denim - Silk - Wood - Melamine - Plywood - Glass - Frosted Glass - Canvas - Clay - Leather - Plastic - Stainless Steel - Aluminum - Iron - Epoxy Coated - Metal - Paper - Kraft - Paper - Crepe Paper - Paper Mache - Photo Paper - Cardboard - Plastic - Plexiglass - Carton - Polystyrene - Porcelain - Cork - Stone - Blackboard - Wax - Masking Tape - Rubber  + Many More

Fun Fact: Pintor is Spanish for 'Painter'.