The Arranger 60+ Thread Rack revolutionizes thread storage. Unlike traditional wooden thread racks that are designed for specific thread spool sizes; the Arranger can be configured to fit most any size spool. 

The extra tall 7.5 cm (3 inch) spool pins are removable to accommodate even king size spools. The tall pins also allow for stacking duplicate spools. 

Wall mountable (can also be screwed onto cupboard doors) with a white finish to suit any decor; the Arranger is a great way to store and organize your thread stash. Constructed to stand the test of time! In fact, this may be the last style of thread rack you ever buy.

Suitable to use with:

  • Hemingworth threads
  • Softlight Mercerised Cotton
  • Softlight Metallic threads
  • Rasant 120 threads

Please note that without removing any pins the 1,000m spools of Hemingworth thread do slightly overlap at the base.  When using with the 1,000m Hemingworth thread spools you will need to remove the cap due to the tall pins.


Shipping Weight 1.1000kg

60 Spool Thread Rack

By: Tracey on 28 January 2021
I am happy with this product and has fulfilled the need and expectation. What I will say is, that it is particularly fiddly to put together, however once this has been done I am happy with it.

Could be improved, very fiddly construction

By: Berneice on 25 May 2020
Extremely fiddly to put together with 2 tiny metal screws each side of each shelf to attach it to the side arms. As the rest of the Thread Rack is all plastic, surely it could be easily redesigned to have clip in, rather than screw in shelves. The thread holders are all clip in and are very easy to attach. The end result looks as it should though, and is just what I needed for arranging my spools. Would have purchased a second, but for the difficulty with the screws.

Does not work as expected

By: Alice Huntly on 17 September 2019
I bought this because it appeared from the image that I would be able to put my Hemingworth threads on it. The pins are just a bit too close together for the base of the threads which means I have to pull out all of the alternate pins effectively halving the number of threads I can fit on it. I am very disappointed with this product, I bought 4 of them.

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