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Snuggle Quilt

Every year thousands of children are struck down by very serious long term illness or injury and endure weeks, or in some cases, months of hospitalisation.

We invite you to create a Children's Snuggle Quilt (often referred to as a companion quilt) so we can donate them to these two organisations.

Ronald McDonald House Charity

Ronald McDonald House Charity does work in the community that is genuine and inspiring. Sending Echidna Sewing your quilt is a great way to engage your embroidery creativity and help with a very worthwhile cause.

Children's Hospital Foundation

Celebrate our new Lady Cilento Children's Hospital and help work wonders for sick kids.

A blanket or quilt can become a very special attachment for a child and by donating your Snuggle Quilt the child receiving it will be able to take it with them when hopefully the time comes for them to leave hospital and go home.

It is also a comforting and caring community gesture that helps parents and family of these children keep faith in the human spirit. Quilts are often also given to young siblings of the sick or injured child as they too can need comforting during these times of need.

Requirements for each quilt

You will need to ensure that your quilt complies with the following rules.

  • Your quilt needs to be between 100cm and 110cm square
  • Only use new materials
  • Needs to be clean and free from chemicals, smoke and pet hair
  • It cannot have any potential choking hazards like buttons, beads, hems or rhinestones

Is this only for people with quilting experience?

A Snuggle Quilt can be as simple as a front and back panel with a layer of batting in the center or you can create a complex quilt, full of blocks and piecework. As long as you meet the requirements above your quilt will go a long way to help a child in need.

How do I send in my quilt?

Simply fill out the Snuggle Quilt Submission form (pdf, 426kb) and then send in your quilt to Echidna Sewing by sending or dropping them back to:

Echidna Snuggle Quilt
Echidna Sewing
56 Neumann Road
Capalaba QLD 4157