Embroider a 'Mylar' design

Embroider a 'Mylar' design main image

Try embroidering over Opal Mylar film with a sparse stitch to create a stunning glistening effect. Mylar embroidery is easy, vibrant and a great technique to help you reduce your stitch count in large embroidery designs!

How to stitch a Mylar region in your embroidery design

  1. Stitch the single running stitch to outline the region where you will place the Mylar (i.e. the low-density area of the design where the Mylar will show).
  2. Place one piece of Opal Mylar film over the design. You can use painters tape to hold in place.
  3. Stitch the Mylar film down with the next single running stitch, outlining the Mylar region.
  4. Embroider ALL loose fill stitch elements onto the Mylar film.
  5. Before you embroider the finishing stitches, tear or cut away the Mylar film.
  6. Finish the design with a stitch to outline the Mylar area of the design.