Embroider Buddy Plush Toys

Embroider Buddy


Soft and cuddly embroiderable stuffed toys which are designed and manufactured to Australian toy safety standards.


Whether they are a gift for yourself or someone else a quality stuffed animal that can be personalised is much more likely to be a friend for life, than a generic stuffed animal that anyone can own.


Each 16” (40cm) Embroider Buddy™ is created using the finest finishes, best quality zippers, softest materials and embroidered eyes. The skins and pods (stuffing) are machine washable and can both go in the dryer. Plus, the simple innovative design makes embroidery as easy as 1-2-3!


How to Embroider an Embroidery Buddy Plush Toy


  1. Unzip the Embroider Buddy’s zipper and remove the pods (the front, back or base can be embroidered)
  2. Insert the hoop front or back and embroider
  3. Pop the pod back in, zip up and you’re done!


TIP: To keep shipping costs down the pods have been vacuum sealed. Remove any packaging and place them in a clothes dryer for 20 mins on a gentle heat and they'll plump up beautifully.


NOTE: If you run a home-based or small business you may qualify for trade pricing on this and a number of other products in our online shop.


Current Embroider Buddy Plush Toy Range


We have a large range of embroider buddy plush toys available via our online shop or in store. Plus, we are continually expanding our range as new toys get created. These are perfect for your young loved ones as they are designed and manufactured to the Australian Standards for children's safety.



View our current Embroidery Buddy catalogue (PDF, 1MB)


Embroider Buddy Classic Clara Collection


These soft, plush Clara Collection are the perfect addition to the Embroider Buddy range. These toys are 16" and made from embroidery friendly, low-pile plush fabric.



Embroider Buddy Blankeys


The soft animal head with attached 20" long circular blanket is the perfect security blanket for an infant to carry with them. The applique heart has been left blank to embroider a name, birth date or cute design. Theyre also machine washable.



Home Collection


Updating your decor with decorated cushion is a fun and inexpensive way to enhance your home. With these Embroider Buddy Cushion Covers take out all the work and embroider your designs on them in a few simple steps. In addition, we also sell the square cushion inserts separately, which fit perfectly in these Embroider Buddy cushion covers.



Holiday Collection


Introducing the embroiderable holiday collection which include the magically easy to embroider super-soft Christmas stocking or the Santa hat's that are specifically designed to fit your favourite Embroider Buddy plush toy.



Toy Safety


The Embroider Buddy factory is ICTI (International Council of Toy Industries) certified. ICTI covers the health and safety of children throughout the world by promoting international toy safety standards. Plus, every Embroider Buddy is designed and manufactured to the Australian Standards for children's safety.


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How to care for your Embroider Buddy


With the amount of love our Embroider Buddy stuffed animals get from toddlers and kids who take them everywhere from the bedroom to daycare, on holidays, road-trips and more it’s inevitable that they’ll need to be washed and freshened up from time to time. 


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Embroider Buddy Charms


Donna from Embroidery Buddy has recently teamed together with Sarah Staughn from Embroidery Soup to digitize a number of Embroider Buddy charms that are available free with any purchase of any Embroider Buddy stuffed animal. 


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How to embroider an Embroider Buddy plush toy


Watch as Deborah Jones explains in this six minute instructional video.




Please note: Echidna Sewing Embroider Buddy stock may differ to the video shown