Embrilliance Software


Embrilliance Essentials
EmbrillianceEmbrilliance Essentials is the core platform of the Embrilliance suite of software that works brilliantly on both MAC and PC including Windows 7, 8 and 10 (32 and 64 bit). It also runs beautifully on Windows Vista and XP.


  • 12 Fonts for easy multi-line lettering
  • Monogramming and circle text 
  • Resizing with stitch recaclulation (allowing 50% to 250% resizing of your existing designs)
  • Browse and merge your own embroidery designs
  • Add text for simple no-fuss customizing
  • Save in all machine formats (excluding .art)
  • Auto-splitting 
  • Easy colour management
  • Set your preferred hoop size by machine brand
  • Print working templates including colour sequence charts.




EssentialsEmbrilliance Enthusiast

Embrilliance Enthusiast is a stand-alone program or a plug-in feature pack for Essentials that adds advanced design splitting for the latest multiple-position hoops, a host of design layout tools, and the easiest to use stitch editing functions. You’ll be amazed at just how simple the editing of your existing designs has now become.




DensityEmbrilliance Density Repair Kit
Have you ever stitched a design that is far too dense? Save time, money and a potential embroidery disaster by using Density Repair Kit. Simply open any design and with one click of the mouse this remarkable software will filter and clean any unneccessary stitches and density issues, ensuring a reliable stitch-out.

Works with most home embroidery machine formats. You’ll wonder what you did without it.





Embrilliance Alpha Tricks/Font Mapper
Embrilliance Alpha Tricks/Font Mapper converts all of your existing monogram or font design packs into much more usable series of keyboard fonts. You’ll find countless uses for all those beautiful font design packs that you have yet to stitch out.




AdvancedEmbrilliance Essentials Advanced
If all of the above looks tempting, why not get Embrilliance Advanced? It’s the full suite of Embrilliance, plus an additional 32 interactive fonts and 74 unique interactive frame designs. It’s the perfect software for all embroiderers.


This is the full suite of Embrilliance programs including:

  • Embrilliance Essentials
  • Embrilliance Enthusiast
  • Embrilliance Density Repair Kit 
  • Embrilliance Alpha Tricks/Font Mapper




ThumbnailerEmbrilliance Thumbnailer
Embrilliance Thumbnailer from Brian Bailie of Briton Leap software allows you to view thumbnail images of design files. Turns your Windows Explorer or My Computer window on a PC or the Finder window on a Mac into a handy design viewer, so you will always be able to click on a folder and see if any designs are lurking in there.


This program is not included in Embrilliance Essentials Advanced.




AccuQuilt Go!

Embrilliance AccuQuilt GO! Applique Bundle

Coming Soon!

Embrilliance have created a set of interactive embroidery designs that work with Accuquilt Die shapes and can be used with Embrilliance Essentials, Enthusiast and StitchArtist (all levels).

These dies have been added to a special version of Essentials called the ‘GO! Applique Bundle’, which will soon be available for purchase for $89.00 (Platinum: $80.10). 




Embrilliance Products
Your license lets you run it on as many computers as you own — even mix and match Mac and Windows. No dongle required. No limits to the number of installs. And as you add products, just add the serial number to the program, and all the features are there in one program, easy to use. The platform supports the latest versions of Windows and OSX. 




StitchArtist Software

StitchArtistStitchArtist is a program to create machine embroidery designs from scratch.

You start using existing artwork or by ‘drawing with stitches’
You control the shapes, set the stitch type and properties, and StitchArtist generates stitches for you

The process of design creation, commonly called ‘digitizing’, requires a skilled person using a specialized tool. StitchArtist is that tool, but it is designed to take the difficulty out of the software, leaving the user to concentrate on their designs.

StitchArtist uses a single mode to draw, set stitches, size, edit, rotate, sequence and set properties of design objects. It is easy and intuitive once you know the very basics, which are described in detail in the user guide.

You will be amazed at what you can do, and you will be thoroughly delighted with how easy it is to learn to digitize.

Best of all:

  • It has no dongle
  • You can run it on as many computers as you own, even mix and match Mac and Windows
  • It carries our 90 day money back guarantee
  • StitchArtist comes in levels which suit different skill levels
  • It is a standalone program so you do not need to own Essentials or any other Embrilliance product first

StitchArtist Level 1
Level 1 is designed for a hobby embroiderer who needs to be able to create stitches without going into debt or spending much computer time. Level 1 offers a limited set of stitch types and, more importantly, properties for those stitches, so that the user can simply ‘create’ without needing to learn many steps.

Typical projects for Level 1 are:

  • Applique designs
  • Running stitch designs
  • Simple filled shapes
  • Backgrounds or unifying elements for design compositions
  • You can make applique, cross stitch and even freestanding lace!




StitchArtist Level 2
Level 2 includes Level 1 and is designed for production and skills training for those who would like to create more sophisticated designs (logos), as well as a more complete set of tools. It will allow the user to learn a wide cross-section of stitch types and properties, and have enough freedom to create virtually any design. If you are looking to use satins to their fullest extent, this is where you need to look. You can also import .SVG art and some cutting file formats (.FCM and .studio) for cross-purpose use.



Or you can upgrade from Level 1 to Level 2

StitchArtist Level 3
Level 1 and Level 2 and is designed for someone who either Level 3 includes Level 1 and Level 2 and is designed for someone who either loves to create designs or works commercially in the embroidery field. This level includes advanced items such as:


  • Styles
  • QuickStyles
  • An Eyelet tool
  • Carving lines
  • Graphical operators such as Cut and Union
  • Flatten
  • Inflate/Deflate
  • Re-construct
  • Break. 

It also allows for the content within the product to be expanded by publishing Motifs and Embossed effects. Additional controls are available to work how you like. The properties for each stitch type are fully revealed, and operations for vector support, including export, are added; now you can draw .svg and cutting machine designs directly. There’s even a tool to automatically outline existing design stitches. 



Or you can upgrade from Level 1 to Level 3 or Level 2 to Level 3.