Brother Stampcreator


Stamp CreatorMake professional custom designed pre-inked stamps. A Brother stamp is designed to stand up to everyday office use. It features the highest quality components to ensure a lifetime of trouble-free service and reliability.


  • Perfect for starting your own business
  • Perfect for quick printers who wish to add a “stamps on demand” service


Stamp System Includes:


  • SC-2000USB machine
  • Draft sheet holder magazine
  • Draft set for creation of up to 150 stamps
  • 5 stamps
  • Software (CD ROM)
  • USB cable
  • Serial cable
  • Printing head cleaning pen
  • Instruction manual
  • Stamp correction pen




The brother StampCreator is $3,499 including bonuses, which is perfect for offices or small businesses. 


Contact us on 1800 000 360 for more information.



Features & Benefits:


Instantaneous & ready to go


Stamp CreatorCreate a pre-inked stamp in just minutes. Thanks to Brother’s ink formula, the stamp will be ready to use within a short amount of waiting time.


Easy to Use


Proofread and make corrections right in your store.


Quick and clean


There’s no messy process involved. You can make stamps without seeing or touching the ink.

Profit Opportunity


Takes about 3 minutes to make! This exclusive commercial system can help create a major profit centre by turning signatures, graphics, text, clipart, photos and logos into pre-inked stamps while your customers wait!




Utilises your existing PC, Fonts, Scanner, Clipart and Digital Camera for high quality 600 dpi graphic stamps.


No experience necessary


Become proficient in Stampcreator, it’s easy to use!


Compact and convenient


All you need is a 300 mm x 600 mm tabletop space beside your properly equipped PC and you’re in business.


Stampcreator Program


The Stamp Editor program is a powerful and amazingly intuitive software package (included) that provides the tools to help you unleash your creativity on all kinds of stamps.


It contains an easy to use library of clipart, animals, funny pictures, layouts, page formats, plus various graphic effects that can be used on the fonts. For additional creative freedom, graphics from a scanner or digital camera can be imported for added professionalism.


This technologically advanced software bundles everything you need to help expand your flexibility, creativity ... and profits.


Stamp Creator Program


Creating a stamp


Stampcreator will enable you to impose images onto rubber stamp surfaces. After you create the image on your computer and insert the text, the rest of the process will take just a few minutes. Ink never touches your fingers ... this dry process is absolutely clean.


Creating a Stamp

  • Personalise a stamp
  • 11 different sizes
  • Pre-inked
  • More than 150 different pre-formatted designs
  • Supports all True Type fonts
  • All of the Brother stamps print in the following ink colours – Red, Blue, Black, Green


See the step-by-step instruction on just how easy it is to use.