Brother's 17th International Quilting Contest


Your chance to win a once in a lifetime experience on board a luxurious quilting cruise to Singapore, with Quilter’s Companion magazine editor Michelle Marvig. 



Quilt Requirements

  • The finished size of the quilt must be 70cm x 70cm (within ±5cm). Size must be stated in centimeters, accurate measurement is essential.
  • Any method of construction can be used. Decoration, embroidery, etc. may be used.
  • Entrants can interpret the theme literally; traditional or contemporary, pictorial or traditional designs
  • The quilt must be the original work, including piecing, quilting and binding.
  • A quilt label must be sewn on the back right-hand corner of the artwork with the following information: Name, address, country name/phone/fax number and name of the artwork.


Application Schedule & Guidelines

  • Applications Open: 1 July, 2017.
  • Applications Close: 31 October, 2017 (all quilts must be received by this date).


Display / Exhibition

Top 10 quilts will be sent to Brother Japan for judgement in the International Quilting Competition and may be used at Brother events from 2018 to 2019. All quilts will be returned after use.


Australian Award

Quilts will be judged on creativity only by a nominated panel of three judges. The winner will receive a single cabin fare to cruise with Michelle Marvig to Singapore in March 2018 valued at over $7,020 AUD.


Interntational Award

Top quilts from Australia will join Asia Pacific entries in Tokyo. A panel of fashion college and magazine experts will judge all entries and award a collective prize pool in excess of USD $3,700. 


Enquiries can be directed to


How to Enter:

Go to to download the competition package (including: conditions of entry, application form, copyright compliance and acknowledgement of conditions of entry form).


Fill in the application form, sign the acknowledgement of conditions of entry form, take a photo with your quilt and send together with your artwork to:


Brother International Australia Quilting Contest
Lvl 3, Bld A, 11 Talavera Rd,
Macquarie Park
NSW 2113


One colour photograph or printed image of the entrant with their quilt must accompany each entry form. Please mark the photograph or printed image with the entrants name and the quilt name.


Hard copy photographs will not be returned to the entrant. Please indicate the top of the quilt in the photograph or printed image.