Juki overlocker and coverstitch machines

Juki is a leading brand in domestic overlocker and coverstitch machines. Echidna offers a selection of these high-end quality machines and can help you find your perfect overlocking companion. This highly respected Japanese brand features brilliant technology with electronic air threading and automatic needle threading. Experience quality and master your overlocking skills with a Juki machine.

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Who are Juki?

While most home sewing enthusiasts will not be familiar with the name Juki, anyone with apparel industry experience will certainly recognize this highly respected Japanese brand. 
With a long and rich history of outstanding sewing products, Juki was founded in Japan back in 1938 and produced their first household sewing machine in 1947, followed by industrial sewing machines in 1953. Juki has since grown to be one of the biggest and most revered sewing equipment manufacturers in the world and is now a giant in the commercial sewing industry. 

I personally have had a long affinity with Juki as it was one of the dominant brands in the clothing industry when I started my apprenticeship. Known for their high-end, quality products, Juki, like Brother, was one of the brands we could trust for reliability and performance. I’ll bet many of the machines I worked on in 1981 are still sewing somewhere in Australia today.

Are you scared of your overlocker?

There are thousands of overlockers around Australia that don’t see the light of day because they are simply too difficult to thread. The loopers are the biggest obstacle for most people. It’s sad because a good, easy to use overlocker is such an awesome advantage in both saving time and providing a professional finish.

Even the simple task of changing thread colours can be enough to send shivers up the spine. But with the electronic air threading feature and the simplified automatic needle threading on the Juki MO-1000 and MO-2000 models, anyone can confidently master their overlocker.