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Brother single-needle machine embroidery hoops

With so many accessories, attachments and presser feet in the Brother range we've designed a quick guide to help you learn what each is and how to use it. Read our guide to Brother presser feet and accessories.

Not sure which hoop style you have?

Slide-on frame

Clip-on frame with pins
The hoop slides into the embroidery arm and locks in place by pressing the lever down.

Compatible machines:

Sewing and embroidery
  • Luminaire XP1
  • Luminaire XP2
  • Stellaire XJ1
  • Dream Machine XV8500D
  • Dream Machine XV8550D
  • Essence VM5200
  • Dream Creator VM5100
  • Dream Weaver VM6200D
  • Quattro NV6000D
  • Quattro 2 NV6700D
  • Quattro 3 NV6750D
  • Innov-is NV4500D
  • Innov-is NV4000
  • Innov-is NV4000D
  • Innov-is NV2600
  • Innov-is NV2700
  • Innov-is NV1500D
  • Innov-is NQ3500D
  • Innov-is NQ3700D
Embroidery only
  • Stellaire XE1
  • Essence VE2300
  • Entrepreneur W PR680W
  • Dream Maker VE2200
  • Innov-is NV800E
  • Innov-is NV880E

Clip-on frame with pins

Clip-on frame with pins
Clip the metal pins on the side of the hoop into the pin holes on the embroidery arm.

Compatible machines:

Sewing and embroidery
  • Innov-is NV180
  • Innov-is NV180D
  • Innov-is NV950

Clip-on frame without pins

Clip-on frame without pins
Finding the metal pins on the embroidery arm, use the pin holes on the side of your hoop to clip it into place.

Compatible machines:

Sewing and embroidery
  • Innov-is NS2750D
  • Innov-is NV1250D
  • Innov-is NV1200
Embroidery only
  • Innov-is PE830DL
  • Innov-is F440E
  • Innov-is NV780D
  • Innov-is NV750D
  • Innov-is NV700E

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