When does a hobby become a business? How do I get started? How can I promote myself? How much do I charge? If you have ever dreamed of turning your embroidery hobby into a successful business, this DVD is for you! You'll learn all of the essential tools including how to start, what to charge, sourcing and pricing your products and amazing tips for developing your own niche market.

Don't just save money, make money with something you already love doing! Turning your hobby into a business will provide you with the resources to purchase all the toys and tools you've always wished you could own. Don't wait any longer - watch this DVD, follow the suggestions and watch your business grow!

Learn how to digitise techniques that you never thought possible. You will also have the sewn results to prove it! No matter what software you use, or how long you have been digitising, the Creative Digitising made easy series is must for those who want to take their creativity and skills to the next level. Includes an instructional DVD (requires a DVD player - run time approx. 74 minutes).

See also: John's Digitizing Made Easy book.


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