Purchase the Hatch 3 Fonts Pack now for $29.95! Echidna Sewing is excited to announce the Hatch Fonts Pack by Adorable ideas, which gives you instant access to 3 fonts of your choice, chosen from over 450! 

Once you have purchased the Hatch Fonts Pack you will receive a serial number by email which you will use on the Hatchfonts.com website. You will have to sign up and enter this serial into the system to register for your 3 fonts. Once you have completed these steps, you can go ahead and download the fonts of your choice! 

ESA Font packs will work with Hatch Customizer, Creator and Digitizer levels. 

  • 100% Object Based: Create & adjust any node within any ESA Font. This allows you to truly customize every aspect of your lettering.

  • Join Closest Point: Tired of removing numerous loose threads off the back of each letter on your finished embroidery project? ESA fonts allow you to remove & reduce unnecessary jumps & trims between letters; Saving you time & effort.

  • Use Auto Fabric Assist: Ever stitch out your finished lettering on silk, then leather, and have totally different results? At the click of a button you can automatically adjust the stitch count, density, & underlay of your ESA lettering with proven commercial recipes built for dozens of specific fabric types.

  • Resizable: Most embroidery fonts are resizable within a 25% margin. This is because they are set pre-digitized stitch files. Make ESA fonts as large as you want without sacrificing stitch integrity by simply clicking & dragging.



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